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Will Emily Thorne Still Want to Avenge David Clarke’s Death If He Locked Up Her Mother on Revenge?

This season on Revenge, we’ve been told that Emily Thorne will struggle with her choices and the idea of fate and destiny. The feisty blond came to the Hamptons solely with the plan to avenge her father’s death, clear his name, and bring down those who wronged him.

But at the end of the first season, Ems discovered that her mother was alive, if not entirely well. As clues have been coming out of the woodwork about Kara Wallace Clarke’s history and mental illness, it’s becoming more and more apparent that David Clarke was involved in keeping her hidden.

Could her beloved father have had a dark side that Ems didn’t know about?

If so, that could call into question her entire mission and hatred of the Graysons. We do know that David Clarke was framed for laundering money to terrorists, but we also know that he is guilty of having an affair with his boss’s wife.

So despite his apparent innocence in the flashbacks, he can’t have been all good. What Emily could face this season is the same inner struggle that hit Harry Potter when he learned his father was actually a ruthless bully.

Will she still want to right the wrongs of the past if David Clarke is responsible for harming Kara or keeping her locked up in some way? Tell us what you think below!

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