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Jersey Shore

Will the Jersey Shore Cast Be Able to Stay Famous After the End? Pauly D Says…

What will the Jersey Shore cast do after the show comes to a close at the end of Season 6? The UK's ITN caught up with Ronnie, The Situation, and Pauly D to ask about their thoughts on the end of the Jersey era in a new video interview, and they make one thing very clear: They plan to stay famous.

"That was the longest fifteen minutes of my life," Ronnie jokes about the show, which many predicted would be a one season wonder.

"Everybody in the world's saying 'yeah buddy,' 'cabs are here,'t-shirt time,'" Paul adds. "Anybody who has fifteen minutes of fame never changes pop culture that much."

Its true that the Jersey Shore phenomena took the world by storm, but can the cast's time in the spotlight last once the show is over? Pauly thinks so.

"I think it only ends that chapter of our life," he says. "Now it opens up another chapter of our life. We're just going to use that tool. Whoever's smart enough to make the right decisions, I guess, will make it last forever."

And is that the goal? Oh yeah. "That's the name of the game," he adds. "Making it last forever."

We recently talked to Pauly D, and it certainly sounds like he has a plan to stay relevant by focusing on his DJing career. What about the rest of the cast? We've made our own predictions about who will be most successful after the show. Do you agree?

Check out the whole video at ITN.

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Source: ITN

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