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American Horror Story Season 2 Spoilers: 5 Important Things We Learned From the First 5 Minutes of the Premiere

FX released the first five minutes of American Horror Story: Asylum, and it was chock full of everything we’ve come to expect from TV’s freaky-deakiest show: terrifying imagery, twisted sex, and a complicated backstory for its haunted location. All that in five minutes? You bet.

If you were distracted by Adam Levine’s bedroom eyes (yes, he and his kinky new wife do it all sorts of ways in the asylum) or by the rapid-cut editing, or by — just maybe — how unbelievably scary everything looks, you may have missed some of the plot details rattled off while these two chase each other ready to have sex all over a condemned, rat-infested, haunted mental institution. Because what’s hotter than that?

1. The name of the Asylum is Briarcliff Manor.
Built in 1908, Briarcliff was used as a tuberculosis ward. We also learn that the asylum’s location is the East Coast — so long, LA sunshine.

2. Goodbye, Rubber Man. Hello, Bloody Face.
Last season’s main creeper was the rapey-murderer Rubber Man, but this season we get to meet Bloody Face, a serial killer who’s also the asylum’s most famous resident. It’s said that once someone was committed to Briarcliff, they never got out — so we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing a lot of him and his bloody face.

3. 46,000 people died in Briarcliff.
Um, that’s A LOT of ghosts this season. Hold us, Adam.

4. There's something called a “Death Chute” and it’s horrifying.
Evidently the tuberculosis body count got so high, they built a special chute for getting rid of the bodies. Yep, we won’t be sleeping at all tonight.

5. The Catholic Church bought Briarcliff in 1962, converting it into a sanitarium for the criminally insane.
This totally explains Jessica Lange’s habit — she even makes nuns look scary.

American Horror Story Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on FX on Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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