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Captain Gates Becomes a Rick Castle Fangirl! Awesome or Alarming?

Holy, Gemini! Captain Victoria "Iron" Gates has a softer side, and it’s pointing in Rick Castle’s direction.

After Gates finds out that Castle bought the storage unit in Castle Season 5, Episode 3: "Secret's Safe With Me," and all of the junk inside has invaded her precinct, she is ready to rip Castle a new one. That is, until she spots Rick holding a collectible Gemini doll, something she been searching for to complete her set. She completely backs off the investigation, leaving Castle be for another day.

It’s not until Gates approaches Castle, like a crazed fangirl for an autograph, that we really start to scratch our heads. She read Frozen Heat and loved it so much that she bought the whole series. Either Gates has a doppelganger, or … well, we don’t know exactly what to think to be honest.

While we understand that Captain Gates can be a fan of Castle’s, both instances felt very out of character. What was your reaction to Gates crooning over Castle: awesome or alarming?

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10.11.2012 / 02:30 AM EDT by Alana McMillan
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