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Cutest Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 5, Episode 3: “Secret’s Safe With Me”

There were so many Castle and Beckett moments throughout Castle Season 5, Episode 3: “Secret’s Safe with Me,” that we had a hard time narrowing them down. Some made us smile, others made us blush. So we decided to focus on the cute, heart-gripping moments that made Caskett, Caskett. Can’t we all have chemistry like that?

Check out the cutest Castle and Beckett moments from Episode 3, “Secret’s Safe with Me." Chime in with your favorites in the comments below.

3. Beckett’s Concerned With Alexis’s Feelings

After Beckett finishes blowing a gasket, learning that both Alexis and Martha know about their secret romance, she immediately wants to know how Alexis took the news. Beckett’s eagerly concerned for Alexis’s feelings about her relationship with Castle, and wants to make sure daughter Castle is OK with everything. At one point, Beckett even offers to talk to Alexis.

Way to step up to the plate, Beckett! We give the effort a thumbs way up.

2. Beckett Opens Up About the Stick Figure in Her Desk Drawer

Castle has been trying to pin down the story behind Beckett’s obscure stickman most of the episode, but opts to respect Beckett’s privacy and says that when she is ready, she’ll tell him the story. Seconds later, Beckett come clean. During the reception held directly after her mother’s funeral, her father took Beckett to Coney Island. They made the stickman out of sticks and twine that washed up on shore, saying that even on the worst of days, joy is still possible.

Beckett’s trying her best to open up to Castle and let him know who she truly is — a badass with a sweet, vulnerable side. And Castle is not taking this lightly, either. He’s attentive to what she’s saying and treasures the moment. No sarcasm. Not witty comments. Just a raw Caskett moment. We love it!

1. The Handshake. 'Nuff Said!

It’s the end of the day in the investigation. Castle offers to walk Beckett out, but she’s going to stay and work on the case. He turns back to her, inhales, and slowly exhales, as he whispers that he wishes he could kiss her. Beckett smiles and agrees. They want to so bad, but can’t.

So, instead, Castle offers her a handshake. Wait, what? Shh, just wait for it. Castle, in his breathy, masculine tone, says, “This is me, softly touching your face, pulling you in for a long, slow kiss.” Beckett, smiles and glances up at him, “And this is me kissing you back, running my hands through your hair.”

Absolutely, positively, the greatest handshake know to man. We didn’t even want to breathe; the noise would have been too loud.

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