DWTS All-Stars Week 4 Sneak Peek: New Dance Styles Even Have Some Pros Nervous
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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS All-Stars Week 4 Sneak Peek: New Dance Styles Even Have Some Pros Nervous

Last week on Dancing With the Stars Season 15, there were four Paso Dobles, two Quicksteps and two Cha-Cha-Chas. On the Season 15, Week 4: Performance show (live on October 15), the All-Stars are all doing something different — way different. This time, the dance styles aren’t just new to the celebs, they are also new to a few of the pros!

The styles were chosen in a quick 10-second burst during the DWTS Week 3 Results Show. The couples had to choose for someone else, so they had no say in what they received themselves. Sadly, Helio Castroneves and Chelsie Hightower were given Broadway but were eliminated later that night, so we won’t get a Broadway routine. (Sniff!) On the Red Carpet talked to the remaining All-Stars after Tuesday’s show to see what they planned to do with their dance style gifts/curses. As you can imagine, some couples are thrilled with what they got and others are wondering how in the world they’ll survive to Week 5. Read on for details.

Gilles Marini & Peta Murgatroyd, Bollywood
Their song is from Slumdog Millionaire. Gilles said he wants authentic, respectful, beautiful Bollywood costumes. He wants to make sure everyone says "wow" and thinks they look like professional Bollywood dancers.

"I'm going to have to look like a pro,” Gilles said, “and for the first time ever on the show, the pro has never done [the dance style] either!” That may not be true. On Season 9, for example, DWTS got way funky and included the Charleston, Two-Step, Lambada, Bolero, Jitterbug and Mambo. We’re not sure all the pros had done those styles before.

Peta just quietly lets Gilles talk and talk in their videos. He can say what he wants, but she's the boss! Gilles said he learned this week that maybe he gave too much in his performance. Peta promised, "The adrenaline won't take over this week. We're going to be chilled and collected." We love your passion, Gilles, but she’s right!

DWTS All-Stars Week 4 Sneak Peek: New Dance Styles Even Have Some Pros Nervous
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Sabrina Bryan & Louis van Amstel, Disco
Sabrina is the only one in the competition who knows what it feels like to go home — everyone else made it to the finals. Being in the bottom two lit a fire under Louis's butt. He wants to impress everyone and make sure judge Carrie Ann Inaba doesn’t complain about being underwhelmed. “Next week we're going to come back,” he said. “Disco — you kidding me? We're going to the 70s."

Sabrina said she's going to channel in “Mr. Travolta” for their Disco dance. "I'm so excited," she said. "Actually, my mom and dad took disco dancing lessons when they first got married, so that is so cool!"

On a different note, why did they give Kirstie the Charleston, not the other style still available, Rock & Roll? Sabrina said the Charleston is such a character dance and she pictured Kirstie having fun doing the cutesy thing. Rock & Roll is one of the fastest dances on the planet, Louis said. They wanted to take it easy on Kirstie. But, Louis added, Maks has never done the Charleston and doesn’t even know what it looks like!

Watch their video here.

Shawn Johnson & Derek Hough, Mambo
Derek was a little bummed to get Mambo. He wanted an even bigger challenge — something new like Bollywood or Contemporary that he had never done on the show before. "But we're happy with Mambo," he said. (Why wasn't he paired with Bristol? Or Pamela Anderson? Just saying, if he likes a challenge...)

Shawn said she's a little intimidated because, up to this point, she's just been able to get out there and have fun, and now she'll have to play a part. "Mambo is a bit more sexy," Derek explained. Shawn tried to make a sexy face and just giggled.

DWTS All-Stars Week 4 Sneak Peek: New Dance Styles Even Have Some Pros Nervous
Credit: Adam Taylor/ ABC    

Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke, Bolero
What is the Bolero? "It's sexy, but it's very intimate," Cheryl said. "It's like a Rumba and a Waltz mixed together, basically."

Hmm. That's not a natural fit for these two, but they can make anything work. They're nervous because two champions just left — including one of Cheryl's past champions, Drew Lachey — so they feel like they have to really shine. Emmitt said they can stand out by doing something surprising that no one would expect him to do.

Watch their video here.

Apolo Anton Ohno & Karina Smirnoff, Hip Hop
These two are crazy goofballs. They giggle their way through their OTRC video, with tons of energy.

Karina said Apolo's favorite artist is Frank Sinatra. He's not familiar with a lot of modern songs. So maybe Hip Hop wasn’t the best choice for them. (But what about his Freestyle with Julianne Hough? That was Hip Hop, right?) Karina loves Hip Hop music, but choreographing to that style is different.

Still, Apolo promises a good time. "Our dance was so slow [Monday] night that I think this is a perfect contrast,” he said. “I guarantee you will say, when this song comes on, you will catch yourself, like, moving." They illustrate by bopping their heads.

Watch their video here.

Kelly Monaco & Valentin Chmerkovskiy, Contemporary
Val has seen Contemporary routines, but he's never danced that style before. Needless to say, neither has Kelly.

Val: "What I like about Contemporary is that it seems very free. It allows for a lot more...”

Kelly [covering her face]: "Ugh! That's exactly what I'm not."

Val: "It's going to be good. It's all about chemistry and the emotional story you create on the floor. I like that. There's no real technique."

This is Kelly's worst nightmare. She likes to know what to expect. With this, there's no structure or roadmap to follow. But maybe it's good, she allowed, so they can make up their own rules. Val sounds more excited about it — including the possibility of doing lifts and whatnot.

Still, if she wants a roadmap, she should watch clips of So You Think You Can Dance.

Watch their video here.

Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Charleston
Sabrina and Louis wanted to be nice to give Kirstie and Maks the Charleston, but the receiving couple was not too thrilled. Still, the only other option at the time was Rock & Roll and Maks said that was no good either, because they only had one half of that. Kirstie knocked on his head and said "Rock!"

So how are they going to handle the Charleston?

Kirstie: "Charleston? Look, I looked at the list and if I had had my choice I would've chosen Bollywood. But he didn't want Bollywood."

Maks: "But It's not like we had a choice."

Kirstie: "I know, Maks. I didn't say we had a choice, I said IF I had a choice I would do Bollywood because I can slightly — I can belly dance and I can do a lot of hips and stuff like that. Charleston, I don't know. We're going to have to channel the Gatsbys — who fought all the time and tried to commit suicide because they were so evil to each other. Which is similar to us."

Ha! Their whole video is hilarious. Watch it here.

Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas, Rock & Roll
Rock & Roll was the last style on the list but, the way Mark describes it, it sounds perfect for him.

"It's exciting for me,” Mark said. “I'm a huge rock ‘n’ roll fan. I grew up listening to Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, Little Richard. I love the Jive and it's kind of just a loose Jive, you can do lifts, you can do tricks. Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Swing — it's all kind of just a mixture of '50s dancing." He compared it to Grease in a way.

Bristol sees the bright side of this, since it's something brand new for everyone and it evens out the playing field.

Watch their video here.

Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani, Jitterbug
Melissa and Tony don’t have a video with OTRC but Melissa tweeted, “Feels good to be back in Dallas!!! Even if only for a few days :-). Now...time to Jitterbug...!!” So it sounds like they went to her hometown of Dallas to train for a while.

Which routine are you most excited to see on Monday?

Catch a new episode of Dancing With the Stars Season 15: All-Stars on Monday, October 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Sources: On the Red Carpet, @MelissaRycroft

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