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Jenelle Evans’s Boyfriend Opens Up About His Criminal Past: “I Learned How to Be a Man”

It's official: We're in love with Jenelle Evans's new boyfriend, Courtland Rogers. He's sweet, charming, does Jenelle's laundry for her, and don't even get us started on his array of confusing-yet-sexy tattoos. The only problem? Courtland has a criminal record. It's like Jenelley just can't find herself a man who isn't a former jailbird.

But before you write Courtland off as a total troublemaker, keep in mind that he hasn't been arrested since 2008. That's four years of good behavior, which is more than we can say for some people (cough, Keefah, cough).

Courtland is more than willing to open up about his criminal past, and recently dished to Starcasm about his first arrest in 2004.

“I was riding with a bunch of people,” he explains. “It was was a girl’s car that I like. The dude that was with me in the back seat had drugs on him [when] a cop pulled us over because she was speeding.”

Turns out the drugs were thrown on the floor of the car once the police ambled up, and when it seemed like they were going to charge the girl driving, Courty stepped up to the plate.

“Not thinking, I took the charge for it, even though it wasn’t mine,” he explains. Awww, what a guy! Of course, poor Courtland ended up getting a felony on his record leading to probation, but hey. It's all in the name of chivalry.

Courtland's most recent arrest in 2008 was due to a probation violation, but he hasn't gotten in trouble since. In fact, Court tells Starcasm that he "learned how to be a man from the hardness of this situation. I’m a very trustworthy person and learned my lesson from this. I live with it everyday.”

Sigh, whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man.

Source: Starcasm

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