Once Upon a Time Poll: How Do You Feel About Regina — Love Her, Hate Her, Or…?
Credit: Kharen Hill / ABC    
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Poll: How Do You Feel About Regina — Love Her, Hate Her, Or…?

She’s really not so bad, right?

Regina/The Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) is the chief villain of ABC’s Once Upon a Time but she has a sympathetic side. On Season 2, we’re really getting to know how she became so "evil." Yeah, she keeps trying to curse people. But blame her mom, Cora (Barbara Hershey)! Regina never wanted all the power she’s now totally controlled by. She wanted independence and true love, but they were both taken away. She adopted a boy who now hates her and wants to go back to his biological mom, who is the savior of the town Regina cursed. She’s angry for the injustices done to her and she’s not exactly a turn the other cheek kinda gal. But she really just wants to be loved — and it’s not working out.

So she has issues. But she’s also snarky, sexy, dynamic and played by the irresistible Lana Parrilla. We’re not surprised she has her own thriving "Evil Regals" fan base. And we hear she may be on a path to redemption (which would hopefully not soften her too much).

How you feel about Regina/The Evil Queen. Do you love her? Hate her? Can you see where she’s coming from or are you frustrated because she just keeps making bad choices? Emma (Jennifer Morrison) had a rough childhood too, but you don’t see her playing so dirty.

Vote in the poll — then share your feelings in the comments, if you care to!