Pretty Little Liars Clues: 5 Things We Learned About “A” Based on Pretty Dirty Secrets
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Clues: 5 Things We Learned About “A” Based on Pretty Dirty Secrets

Based on the most recent episode of Pretty Dirty Secrets (Episode 7: “CAll Security”), we actually learned some very interesting new things about “A.” He or she has some scary new fixations and some dangerous new weapons, for starters.

Here are 5 clues we picked up about this “A” team member in the penultimate episode of the web series.

The CeCe connection. When you’re dealing with an episode of Pretty Little Liars that is under four minutes long, every little moment means something. So when “A” reaches out his or her gloved hand to the computer screen and traces it across CeCe’s arm, it’s a big gesture. Judging by this “A”’s body type and build, we’re guessing that it’s either Toby (Keegan Allen) or another male member of the team. Does someone have a major crush on her? Or could someone just miss her?

The demented doll connection. As we already pointed out, this “A” is very focused on the girl wearing the demented doll costume (and who leaves the Halloween shop wearing a red coat). If that girl is Vivian Darkbloom (meaning Alison [Sasha Pieterse] or her possible twin), then could the “A” team be keeping an eye on her? Are they out to get whoever’s wearing the creepy costume?

Pretty Little Liars Clues: 5 Things We Learned About “A” Based on Pretty Dirty Secrets
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“A” carries a knife! We don’t know why we’re necessarily surprised, especially considering that Mona (Janel Parrish) had a gun, and we saw “A” in a gun shop in a Season 3 tag. But there’s something about carrying a knife that seems more sinister, and makes attacks more personal. You have to be very close to someone to hurt them with a knife, whereas guns can be fired from far away.

“A” prefers blondes? “A” spends a very awkward moment stroking the hair of a blonde wig. Is this connected to “A”’s CeCe obsession? The wig might remind them of Alison, also, someone they either loved or hated so much that they wiped her out.

Shana’s not on the “A” team. Yes, an argument can be made for the “A” team recruiting Shana (Aeriel Miranda) in the future, but as of now, it seems very clear that “A” is not working with the new girl. “A” waits for Shana to leave the shop before sneaking in, not to mention wiping the security footage away, which puts her job at risk.

What else did you notice?

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