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Revenge Season 2 Theory: Fauxmanda Loses Her Baby

As much as we’ve been dreading the impending doom that awaits Jack Porter from inside Amanda Clarke’s growing stomach, we were pretty sad when we came up with this theory. After new spoiler photos were released from Revenge Season 2, Episode 4, “Intuition,” we started getting a bit nervous for the fate of Jack and Fauxmanda’s bouncing baby boy.

Let’s examine the facts:

1) In the photos, Jack, Charlotte, and Emily are in a hospital, talking to a doctor, and in tears. Jack is the baby’s father, Charlotte is the aunt, and Emily is the baby’s godmother (not to mention her secret connection to Fauxmanda.)

2) A spoiler from back in August says, “Episode four will find one of our Hamptonites being rushed to the ER, where a cool and calm doc will have to work with the patient’s loved ones to make the best decision.” Could it be to save the baby or save the mother?

3) Think Amanda’s a goner? Think again. As we originally reported in June, actress Margarita Levieva is signed on to appear in a minimum of seven of the first 14 episodes in Season 2. So unless she’s stuck in a coma, her sluttastic self will still be in the picture.

4) Executive producer Melissa Loy told us just last month that Fauxmanda “does some heroic things this season that redeem her a little bit.” We doubt that such actions could happen in two episodes, so she’ll probably be around for a while.

Do you think Fauxmanda loses the baby? Tell us your theories below!

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10.11.2012 / 11:15 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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