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Supernatural On-Set Scoop! Jared Padalecki Hypes Episode 2 and His Onscreen Love Interest

Supernatural’s ninth season is well underway, and we have exclusive scoop about tonight’s episode straight from star Jared Padalecki’s mouth. Warner Bros. brought Wetpaint Entertainment to the Vancouver set of the long-standing CW show, and we chatted with Jared about Sam and Dean’s psyche this season; the hijinks of the second episode; and his onscreen love interest, Amelia.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What can you say about the season’s second episode?
Jared Padalecki: It’s one of my favorite episodes. We have obviously been seeking out Kevin since the end of last season and we find out about these tablets that Kevin can read because he’s a prophet. And Kevin, understandably, is worried about his mother. While Dean is very much like, “Hey, forget about it, we have some work to do. I’m sure she’s fine,” Kevin is resolute in saying, “I’ve got to check on her.” And so we go to check on her and find out that she’s been compromised, and we have to save her before we get to try and regain possession of the tablet.

So it’s a fun episode — it puts Dean and Sam in kind of funny situations. These two guys have been a sovereign entity, and then we’ve had Bobby, and we’ve had Cas, and we’ve had some other hunters, but there’s a “Tiger Mommy” forced upon us. And so we find ourselves in a situation where we’re like, “Let us do what we do.” We know what we’re doing but there’s kind of some nice hijinks. We find ourselves in a situation where we’re heavily outgunned and outnumbered, and we’re dealing with gods and monsters and people who have infinite wealth, and so we kind of have nothing to use but our wits and our imagination and our street smarts — and we make it past that episode!

What’s the relationship like with your new lady? Because you haven’t had one in quite awhile.
Pretty steamy. We read 50 Shades of Grey to each other… No, I’m just teasing.

Are you petitioning to play Christian Grey right now?
I’m certainly not. Actually, I haven’t even read it. But I do know the reference, which is saying something. The relationship between Sam and Amelia, which I really enjoy, is done mostly in flashbacks. We will get into it in the season, in real time, but I love when shows will go back and kind of show what’s happened. I love the episodes of Supernatural that have done it, like I Know What You Did Last Summer, and I’ve loved episodes that have gone back in time and told a cool story that you can’t tell in the present tense as well as you can tell in reflection.

So we see a lot of Sam and Amelia in flashbacks, which is nice because we all see Dean and what he did in his flashbacks, and they’re very opposite sides of the coin, where one guy is happy and content and living a normal life, and the other is in purgatory fighting for his life. We’ll see Sam and Amelia develop this relationship. They’re both misfits, they’ve both gone through a loss, and they’re both brought together by a bizarre set of extenuating circumstances. And they find each other’s arms and each other’s minds and say, “You know what? This is good, what we’ve got. Why look a gift horse in the mouth? Let’s just kind of go with it.”

How willing is he to just jump right back into the old life?
I feel like he’s not willing. I think Sam in this season is different than Sam in other seasons where Dean was either in hell or where Sam was in hell. Usually when they’ve been split up, there’s been sort of the impetus of, “My brother’s in trouble, I’ve got to save him.” But here, Sam was like, “I was in a room, and Dick Roman vanished, and Castiel vanished, Kevin Tran is gone. I have nothing. I’m going to take off the hunter garb and just live a normal life because I have nothing to tie me back.” There’s absolutely nothing holding Sam back from a normal life, so he really commits to it, and so when it all comes crashing back down, it’s like a brutal reminder yet again of who he has been and is possibly meant to be. He isn’t so happy about it.

Supernatural airs tonight and every Wednesday at 9 P.M. ET on The CW.

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