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Jersey Shore

Which Jersey Shore Star Never Washes Their Sheets? (VIDEO)

With all the smushing, clubbing, and time spent in the sea, you'd think the Jersey Shore castmates would want to wash their sheets all the time. And since the "L" in GTL stands for "laundry," they have plenty of opportunities.

But that doesn't stop one of the guys from, according to his castmates, never washing his sheets. So which guido keeps things surprisingly dirty?

The Situation! Which is weird to us, since he seems so obsessed with grooming.

In a new video from MTV, the cast dishes on each others' habits as housemates. In it, Deena Nicole makes one thing very clear: "Mike never, never washes his sheets."

"Never washes his sheets," Sammi agrees.

"Or his towels!" JWOWW throws in.

On the other hand, there is something Sitch washes almost constantly. "Mike washes his face, like, 40 times a day," Sammi dishes.

For more cast secrets, check out the video below.

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