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Castle Season 5, Episode 4: “Murder, He Wrote” Wish List: 3 Things We Hope Will Happen

Castle fans are getting a little antsy, wanting more sneak peeks and promos for the upcoming episode “Murder, He Wrote" — but that won’t stop us from dreaming up a wish list of what could go down, given what we do know.

Beckett and Castle shack up for a romantic weekend in the Hamptons, and end up helping solve a murder mystery that lands in their backyard. No, really!

While we might not know much, here are a few things we really, really hope will happen to our favorite duo. Check out this week’s wish list for Castle Season 5, Episode 3: “Murder, He Wrote”

3. Castle Takes Beckett to a White Party

The last time Castle invited Beckett up to the Hamptons, she turned him down in favor of one Tom Demming. But this time, their communication signals are finally on the right path. Question is, how will Kate cope being in Castle’s world for a change?

Promo pics show them looking very domestic in blue, but we want to see them dressed all out and rubbing elbows in Diddy’s mansion for the annual White Party. Kate might feel slightly uncomfortable, be we think she’ll do just fine. And look fantastic!

Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

2. Revenge Cameo!

We know that ABC's Revenge is set in the Hamptons, so it isn’t all the unrealistic for Castle and Victoria Grayson to run in similar, wealthy circles. Maybe Emily Thorne pops up wondering if the case has anything to do with her missing mother or father’s death, and offers to use her surveillance equipment in the investigation. Or Castle, Beckett, and Ems bond over all of the secrets they have kept up until now. Wow, to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.

Hey, crossovers happen. And this one would be great!

1. Andrew Marlowe Stops Teasing Us!

For the umpteenth time, Castle boss Andrew Marlowe has dangled an intimate Caskett moment in front of our faces, only to be sadly interrupted. And from the looks of the sole preview we could get our hands on, the first few minutes of the episode are no different. But since they aren’t at the precinct, and no one really knows Beckett, this would definitely be their chance to live out like a real couple. Fingers crossed!

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