Grey’s Anatomy Speculation: How Will Mark’s Death Affect Arizona?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Speculation: How Will Mark’s Death Affect Arizona?

Mark’s (Eric Dane) death on Grey's Anatomy Season 9 is definitely one of the saddest and most impactful deaths in the show’s history (for a list of the saddest deaths, click here). Not only was Mark well-liked, but he was intrinsically tied to so many of our favorite characters’ lives.

We’ve taken a look at how Mark’s death will affect best friend Derek (Patrick Dempsey) (here), and his protege Jackson (Jesse Williams) (here). So it’s time to look at how Arizona’s (Jessica Capshaw) life will be affected by Mark’s permanent absence.

Her family is crippled, literally and figuratively. Not only is Arizona’s body missing a limb, but now her immediate family is missing a parent. As hard as it will be to deal with her new injury and the loss of her leg, it may be even harder to step up to the plate (no pun intended) as baby Sofia’s caretaker when she’ll likely be going through some intense physical therapy and adjusting to her condition.

Callie needs her. Callie (Sara Ramirez) has always been very independent, and one of the best moms on TV. But Callie is in the tragic position of losing the father of her child, and losing a stable, loving partner at the same time. In many ways, Callie must be very lonely right now. There is no Mark for comedic relief or babysitting relief, and Arizona’s head is in a different world completely. If Arizona doesn’t pull it together soon, she may risk losing Callie altogether.

Sofia needs her. Sofia is truly innocent in this situation, and now, at only one year old, she’s lost her father. With Callie still working full-time, Arizona may need to be relied upon more to take care of her. Will the pressure (or even just the thought) of being a stay-at-home mom get to Arizona, or will she be able to handle it?

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