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Jersey Shore

Gross! The Jersey Shore Boys Share JWOWW’s Bathroom Secret (VIDEO)

With Jersey Shore ending after Season 6, it's time we learn the truth about what really goes on in the Shore house. No, we're not talking drama — we mean all the nitty-gritty, gross details about everyone's living habits. MTV recently sat down with the cast to get the inside scoop.

We've already looked at which of the guidos doesn't wash his sheets, but the guys had some dirt to dish on the girls, too. Their biggest target: JWOWW!

"Jenni takes wicked poops," Pauly D says. "We always thought it was Ronnie, but it wasn't." He adds, "Ronnie's like, what are you talking about? I didn't even go to your bathroom!"

JWOWW's defense? "That's, like 95 percent untrue!"

But what about the other 5 percent, Jenni?

For more secrets, watch the video below.

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