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Jersey Shore

Guess Which Jersey Shore Star Suffers From Separation Anxiety? Hint: It’s Not Vinny (VIDEO)

In the first four episodes of Jersey Shore Season 6, Deena Nicole has done a lot of crying. First, the lone meatball erupted into tears in Season 6, Episode 2: “No Shame, Good Integrity” because she missed her boyfriend Chris Buckner (who was standing right next to her), and in Season 6, Episode 3: “Toxic Shots Syndrome”, she cried because she missed her boyfriend Chris in a different way than the other girls miss their men.

It turns out that Deena’s anxiety isn’t just a sign that she’s a mess without her boyfriend. In this clip, Deena tells MTV that she’s actually suffered from separation anxiety ever since she was little.

I've had separation anxiety since I was small, but then I kind of grew out of it, and now that I have Chris, I'm experiencing it again,” she explains.

We know Deena can pull through!

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