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Happy Birthday Michelle Trachtenberg! 10 Reasons We Adore You

Anybody who enjoys the meaner and funnier things in life has grown to love Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl. But the woman behind GSparks, Michelle Trachtenberg, is so much more than just barbs and babies. And because it’s her 27th birthday today, we wanted to send a little love her way.

1. The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Look, guys, there’s no shame in admitting you watched this magical Nickelodeon classic. Take a minute to YouTube some clips of Michelle as Nona F. Mecklenberg and remember how cute and wily she was — see a little Georgina in her future?

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2. Her excellent fashion sense. Although Georgina has a bad-ass costume designer in her pocket to keep her looking like the hottest mom on the block (sorry, Lily van der Woodsen), we’re glad Michelle keeps it pretty off-set too.

3. Harriet the Spy. We knew she was a star when she played the cunning, yet secretly sensitive, super observant, Harriet M. Welsch (man, she’s got a thing for middle initials, huh?). Our favorite line “The only thing worse than being Marion Hawthorn, is wanting to be Marion Hawthorn.” Zing!

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4. You’re friends with Marc Jacobs. Did we mention we wanna be best friends with him, too? Could you hook that up? Cool, you’re the best.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Look, Michie, we know it wasn’t your fault that people found your character, Dawn Summers, a little annoying. When your older sis is SMG, it’s tough to be stuck in the shadows.

6. You’re actually friends with your co-stars. Considering how diva-like some people in the biz can be, we think it’s rad that you’re still friends with Buffy co-stars and you like to go out with Leighton Meester in NYC. We like hanging out too, just for the record.

7. You were rad on Weeds. If we had our way, you’d still be on that awesome show. Mostly, we want to sit around and braid your hair and ask what it was like working with Mary Louise Parker...

8. You seem pretty much like the polar opposite of Georgina. We keep waiting for you to get arrested or do something ridiculous, but you actually seem like you’ve escaped the Lohan curse. At the same time, you seem like a lot of fun.

9. The Ish Georgina Says. We love the Gossip Girl writers and all, but we’re betting that at least some portion of the amazing things you say is of your own creation.

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10. This picture. Just, as is. Insert your own magical caption here, gentle reader (bonus points if you do it in one of MT’s many signature voices).

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10.12.2012 / 02:01 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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