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Mindy Kaling Wants to Lose Weight, But Doesn’t Want to See More Skinny Women on TV

Mindy Kaling doesn't have time to be the person she wants to be — although she seems pretty perfect from here. The Mindy Project star recently talked to USA Weekend about health, relationships and her new show.

Her mom was a physician and she grew up knowing about good health — but then she became a comedy writer, where the hours are crazy and "the prevailing food feeling is: 'Let’s eat things we weren’t allowed to eat as kids.'" She gets to work at 6 a.m., wraps production around 7 p.m., then stays in the writers' room until 2 a.m. So she doesn't have time to do too much exercising and, even though she's revealed her love for blond men — and desire to have kids — she doesn't have time to date. "I’ve been single for eight months, and I love it. For someone who from age 11 longed for a boyfriend, it’s strange for me to say that. I’m so professionally happy."

Since The Office alum writes and produces her show, she has more control than the usual actress. USA Weekend asked what role "stick-thin women" have on The Mindy Project. Mindy answered, "I consider myself a feminist, and all my friends think of themselves as feminists. We don’t want to see stories where the women are skinny. But as a writer, I don’t want to not mention this. Every woman I know has issues with eating or with food. It’s not just celebrities or female actors. It’s almost everyone I know. Losing 15 pounds is one of the top five things my character would like to do. On the other hand, she is weirdly overconfident. She could never have an eating disorder. She thinks she should be married to Chris Evans, even though she knows she should lose weight. That’s fun."

Then again, should Mindy's character lose weight? It's not like she's an unhealthy size. Why shouldn't a guy that looks like Chris Evans go for her? If schlubby guys can end up with crazy hot women, a cute, funny, successful gal like Mindy should be able to land her own Captain America.

Source: USA Weekend

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10.12.2012 / 04:50 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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