Project Runway Season 10 Sends [SPOILERS] to Fashion Week Finale
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Project Runway Season 10 Sends [SPOILERS] to Fashion Week Finale

Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you don’t want details on the Thursday, October 11 episode.

So ... because the judges weren’t happy with the final four Project Runway Season 10 designers’ collections, all four of them get to show at New York Fashion Week? That's kind of an odd reward.

The judges were disappointed with the lack of “wow” pieces and bad styling in the three pieces each designer showed, but they decided to give all four the next two days to fix their looks, before the big runway show. Not exactly a lot of time. But, anyway, that means Dmitry Sholokhov, Melissa Fleis, Fabio Costa and Christopher Palu will all face off in next week’s finale.

Project Runway Season 10 Sends [SPOILERS] to Fashion Week Finale
Credit: Lifetime    

Here are the judges’ basic points about the final fours’ mini final collections.

FABIO: Heidi Klum liked that Fabio’s cosmic tribalism showed a completely different point of view. She thought the necklaces and bags were fantastic. Michael Kors thought it was cool that he took colors that are looked at as sweet and presented them in a non-sweet way. MK also liked the shoes, but not the wigs. Nina Garcia found some of the pieces beautiful, like the vest, but she wants his pieces to look more luxurious and expensive. She wanted the collection to be much more sophisticated and polished.

DMITRY: Dmitry was inspired by architecture. Nina said it looked like he had done a lot of work. It looked polished and expensive. She loved the white dress. She thinks he’s come a long way with styling but he should push himself more. Michael said he’s got a lot of ideas so it’s turning out to be a little too much. MK said to go younger and cooler with the styling and make sure there’s sex appeal. They wanted the purity and simplicity of the garments to shine. But they thought the way he styled things was very “old lady.”

CHRISTOPHER: He took his mother’s X-rays and blew them up into fabric. (!) Heidi thought that was creepy. Christopher was going for haunting and alluring. Heidi wanted major wow pieces. She did not want him to send that shorts look down the runway. She called it boring and didn’t understand why Christopher showed it to them. MK thought his pieces were beautifully done but “very normal.” Nina was surprised that he went so dark and everything looked too similar. She also saw very little clothes there. He picked the “skimpy” outfits because he had no time. The judges were worried about what else he had. Why didn’t he show any “wow” pieces?

MELISSA: She wanted to show shorts, pants and a dress. She focused on texture. Heidi said it was very goth. Heidi called her black and white jacket Melissa’s “hero” piece. Heidi wasn’t blown away, she wanted more of the “hero” pieces. Michael said the wigs were crazy ugly. Nina wondered if it was all black and white. Melissa said she has one red piece. Nina said she has to have extraordinary styling because her clothes are very limiting. There is a sense of coolness to her clothes, Nina said, but she wanted Melissa to rethink the “Robin Hood” sleeves on her white jacket.

Project Runway Season 10 Sends [SPOILERS] to Fashion Week Finale
Credit: Lifetime    

So how do you feel about all four making it to the finale? Is it a bunch of malarkey? Do you think the judges should've stepped in and eliminated one of the designers?

Who should've been cut? And who will win? Vote in our winners poll here. At this point, Christopher is just edging out Dmitry. Get voting, Team Dmitry fans!

Head here to see the final eight designers’ Fashion Week collections — including the decoys — from the New York Fashion Week runway show on September 7.

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