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The X Factor

Top 10 Quotes From The X Factor Judges’ House Pt. 2: Return of the “Chill Bumps”

Oops, The X Factor did it again! This week's quotes were (drop dead) beautiful, and made us realize that we're not a girl, not yet a woman. Also, we're stronger than yesterday, and double also, we're a slave for Reed Deming's lady blazer. Check out the ten best quotes of the night, which will have you shouting "gimme more" at your computer screen.

(And yes, that took a lot of effort. Someone pass the Pepsi Dragon.)

10. L.A. Reid muses on Vino: "The package, the package, the package, THE PACKAGE."
So many jokes, so little time.

9. Justin Bieber ponders Tara: "She should make sure to have more sweet moments with her voice."
Make love to your voice, Tara. Make love to it.

8. L.A. feels all the feelings: "There were some notes that were giving me chill bumps."
Dude, we have been through this with you before. They are called goosebumps.

7. Tate gets super angsty: "I'm the only dude in a hat."

6. gives some super articulate advice: "Spill it all out on stage, like SCHPHEEWWW, that's what I do, I spill"
We're not sure what this means, but yes.

5. Vino scuffs L.A.'s kicks: "Sorry about your shoes."
In other words: Please don't have me murdered.

4. Justin Bieber says some words: "Is that the one? You gotta make that decision in the end."
Ugh, he is speaking to us on so many levels — and all of them are beautiful.

3. Justin Bieber tries to express an emotion: "I felt it. Emotionally, I felt it."
His Jesus tattoo, on the other hand? Didn't feel it at all.

2. Reed gets real: "It's going to be a fight to the death."
He's going to kill the competition with the wind generated from his bangs.

1. critiques Carly: "She's like a little caterpillar."
….this is the sound of us slowly backing away.

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