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True Blood

True Blood Season 6: Is New Series Regular Rutger Hauer Playing Warlow or Niall?

Bon Temps is a mysterious place where we never really know if residents are good or evil.

When we heard the latest True Blood Season 6 news, we couldn’t decide if new series regular Rutger Hauer will be a friend or foe!

His character, Macklyn, is described as a “mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason,” which has our minds reeling with the possibilities.

Based on Charlaine Harris’s The Southern Vampire Mysteries book series, he fits the bill of her and Jason’s great-grandfather, Niall Brigant. Although Rutger is a bit older than their grandfaerie is described (“tall and slim, extremely handsome with long, pale gold hair with some age to him”), Niall has powerful enemies and keeps Sookie and her whereabouts a secret to protect her!

If this new series regular is in fact just Niall renamed, his return to Bon Temps could be to help Sookie and Jason in their quest to find Warlow — who departing showrunner Alan Ball mentioned would be a “big part” of Season 6 — or to keep them protected now that faeries were almost exposed, thanks to Russell Edgington.

However, we think that Rutger could also be the very sinister creature who is after Sookie: Warlow! Since his official name is M. Warlow, his initial could easily stand for Macklyn. We were a bit apprehensive about this theory because Warlow looked younger in his Season 5 spirit form, but you couldn’t see much of his face.

Either way, we’re excited to learn more about Macklyn next season and also dive into the details of Warlow.

Who do you think Rutger Hauer is playing? Niall or Warlow? Tell us below!

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