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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 4: Julie Plec Calls [Spoiler’s] Relationship “Ill-Fated”

Friends, vampires, hybrids, lend us your ears! The CW just released a new interview with Vampire Diaries executive producer, Julie Plec, and we’ve got fresh blood Season 4 spoilers to share.

Starting with our fave cheerleader-turned-vamp, Caroline (Candice Accola) is going to have a very tumultuous love triangle on Season 4. “There still is that strange, perverse fascination with Klaus(Joseph Morgan) that she has that is lingering about,” she said. “There is also her deep, deep love for Tyler (Michael Trevino) that is ill-fated and epic at the same time.”

Ill-fated as in... they have hot hybridvamp sex that we can’t wait to see more of? That must be what she meant. We hope. But Candice also recently said Caroline is drawn to Klaus, so...

And if we’ve learned one thing from watching this show, it’s that no one is safe. Ever. If you aren’t part of the undead, then you’re soon-to-be dead. (Or undead, depending on how much blood you drink). But there are characters that even this master storyteller wishes were still around to blood lust again.

“I regret killing Alaric (Matt Davis), because that character was very dear to me. And Matthew Davis is very dear to me, and it is sad that he won’t be part of the day-to-day world anymore,” Plec explained. “I think that Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) Grams character could have served more of a purpose on a human level before she left, so that was a little bit of a regret. The characters that are tough to kill are the human ones, because we know we won’t see them on the other side.”

Luckily, humans are becoming more and more of a rarity in Mystic Falls, so it may not be such a problem after all!

Source: The CW

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