What Does Deena Regret Doing on Jersey Shore? (VIDEO)
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Jersey Shore

What Does Deena Regret Doing on Jersey Shore? (VIDEO)

Jersey Shore guidettes Sammi, JWOWW, Deena Nicole swung by the Today Show on Thursday (October 11) to talk about the end of the Jersey era, including what they've learned from being on reality TV.

All of the girls agreed that they've "grown up" over the course of the show. As Sammi explains, "we can actually watch ourselves and learn from any mistakes or high points that we had."

Reality stars, being self reflective? It's more possible than you think!

While Sam says she doesn't have any regrets, Deena admits there are some things she wish hadn't happened.

"I was a wild child," she declares. "I watched myself, and I'm like 'oh my god, I forgot to wear underwear to the club. Like, who does that?'" Not Deena — anymore. "You know, now I won't do that."


For more from the girls, including JWOWW's wedding plans and why Deena lost weight, check out the full video below.

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Source: Today

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