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What Is Emily Thorne’s “Croc” Death Stare on Revenge?

While tossing her perfectly coiffed blond ‘do on Revenge, Emily Thorne gives off the girl-next-door vibe. She maintains this flawless facade to those she’s manipulating, but to the audience, Ems throws in her token death stare, informing us that all is not well.

Not only is her glare infamous, but it also has a name “The Croc.” Confused? Actress Emily VanCamp has cleared things up for us.

Back in Nov. 2011, Emily explained the look to Entertainment Weekly saying, “[Emily Thorne]’s swimming around the Hamptons, taking people down all over the place, and I thought that was so hilarious as an image.”

Credit: STILL    

And in May 2012, the gorgeous gal talked to Peter Travers from Rolling Stone about the look.

“I had these two shots, one of Grace Kelly,” she said. “There’s this beautiful shot of her emerging from water. She’s coming out of the water and her eyes are just so piercing. And then I had this picture of a crocodile, and in a very weird way they looked so similar.”

Ems claims that on set the cast sings the phrase, “Don’t stop 'til you get ‘The Croc.’”

What do you think of “The Croc”? Is it an effective image? Weigh in below!

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10.12.2012 / 12:11 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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