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Jersey Shore

What Kind of Shots Did The Situation Get to Stay Sober on Jersey Shore?

On Jersey Shore Season 6, Episode 3: “Toxic Shots Syndrome”, The Situation is just three months sober. Before his first day of work, he has to go to the doctor to get a shot that helps block opiates. So what exactly is Mike getting medicated for?

The Sitch was clearly nervous before going to get the shot, which is injected into his behind. He told Vinny that the shot is to help “block opiates,” which are the addictive chemicals found in painkillers. The Situation has admitted that he was addicted to pain pills, once confessing that he took 20 to 30 pills per day.

As Vinny put it, Mike was on painkillers for three years, and has been sober for three months. Which would be hard on anybody’s body, especially if they have to get shots in their butt on a regular basis that make him feel woozy.

One FDA-approved treatment for addiction to narcotics is called Vivitrol, and reportedly “allays addictive cravings.” Unlike other treatments like methadone, studies showed that it is not habit-forming. Another injectable treatment is called Naltrexone, with similar effects.

Whatever The Situation is doing to stay sober, we approve!

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