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Jersey Shore

Who Got Arrested During the Jersey Shore Season 6 Bar Fight?

With all of the action and people involved in the Jersey Shore bar fight on Season 6, Episode 4: “Merp Walk,” one would think that there would have been one or more arrests made. So who got arrested, and what for?

Surprisingly, no one was arrested that night, as far as we can gather from the original reports. When the story broke on the morning of June 9, TMZ reported that the two men involved in the fight had hired a lawyer, and claimed that they were on the receiving end of the fight, which was instigated by members of the Jersey Shore cast.

Ronnie, Roger, Pauly D, Pauly’s friend Ryan, and The Situation were originally named in the incident reports, but none of them were arrested. As for the two men accusing the cast of hurting them, they threatened a lawsuit against Ronnie, but Ronnie was never officially charged with any criminal behavior.

Are you surprised no one was arrested? Do you think someone should have been? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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