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The Bachelorette

Will Jef and Emily Make It — Or Is It Too Late for The Bachelorette 2012 Couple?

A dark, glitter-encrusted cloud has settled over Bachelorette Village. Where there were once rainbows, kittens and coifs, there are now sad faces, lanky extensions and the stench of scandal. Obviously, we're talking about Emily Maynard and her fiance, Jef Holm, who are buried six-feet under in tabloid rumors about their relationship.

First, Emily reportedly cheated on Jef by sexting Matt Leinart, then Jef reportedly met up with his ex gal-pal for a late night rendez-do at Burger King, and now spoiler guru Reality Steve is saying that our favorite couple has secretly broken up. Who knows what to believe, but here are the facts: Jef and Em have repeatedly denied the sordid tales about their relationship, they are still in each other's twitter profile pics, and they hang out 24/7.

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But let's be real. Even if Jef and Emily are still together, will their relationship be able to survive the constant stream of rumors and speculation? There's only so much public scrutiny a couple can take before they crack, and we're not sure how much longer Jem will last.

Do you think the Bachelorette dream team will make it through this rough patch, or will they be ripped apart by the pressure to be perfect?

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