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Jersey Shore

7 Crazy Facts to Know About Jersey Shore’s Sammi Sweetheart

Even though you’ve spent three years watching them on TV, you may not know the Jersey Shore stars as well as you think. Like Sammi, for example. Here are 7 crazy facts about her that are must-know if you really want to be in the Jersey Shore in-crowd.

Sammi couldn’t stand Ronnie when she first met him. They’ve been going out on and off for about three years now, but in this video clip, Sammi and Ronnie reminisce on their early days. Apparently, they fell in “love at first fight.”

She was a four-year varsity soccer player in college. Sammi recently told ESPN, “I’m a known athlete. My job in college was soccer, so I’m the true athlete in the house.” And she isn’t kidding. She was a midfielder for the stellar soccer team at William Paterson University, which she attended for four years.

She’s part-Greek. Sammi may be one of the true Italian-Americans in the Jersey Shore house, but her ethnicity is actually half-Greek and half-Italian. In one interview, she said that the next place she’d love to travel to is Greece.

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She was paid $80,000 per episode of Season 6. Sammi may not be the highest paid cast member on Jersey Shore, but she definitely made a ton of money this year. Assuming the final season is 12 episodes long, that means Sammi has made $960,000 this year. And that doesn’t even include her earnings from her perfume business and clothing line.

She just launched her first men’s cologne … today! On October 12, Sammi tweeted, “for all you guys out there! my men’s cologne is now available!! get it here:”.

Her favorite alcoholic drink is... Sammi recently admitted that her bizarre favorite drink is a Chocolate Pretzel Shot, which consists of Pinnacle Whipped Vodka, Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur, and salt. Who knew?

Her middle name is Rae. So pretty! And so unique!

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Source: ESPN, Complex, @MTVsammi

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