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The X Factor

Best Performances From The X Factor Judges’ Houses: Mind-Blowing, Bra-Burning Fun

X Factor auditions are a giant hot mess of magical wonder, yet Simon Cowell and his minions always end up finding a handful of shining stars. Get the lowdown on our week in Planet X by checking out our favorite performances!

1. David Correy Makes Us Cry –– Also, Someone Please Find His Mom
You guys, David Correy just wants to find his birth mother through music, and if we don't see an epic on-stage reunion by the time this thing is over, we might have a cheeto-huffing relapse. David seems intent on killing it during every audition, and his cover of Jessie J's "Domino" had tears dribbling down our faces. Also, our bodies were covered in L.A.-style chill bumps — not to be confused with goosebumps, which are completely different.

2. Vino Revives Our Fetish For Christian Rock
We spent most of Vino Alan's performance of "Sober" having flashbacks to the ‘90s. And yes, his voice accurately represents what would happen if Creed and Papa Roach had a beautiful tattooed love child. Even Justin Bieber seemed impressed by Vino's gruff-yet-dulcet tones! We can see him going far –– though not if he keeps messing with L.A.'s shoes. Man, dawg. Watch your step.

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

3. Tara Straightens Her Hair, Remains Fabulous
Despite accidentally deafening a bunch of wildlife with her pre-show bird calls, Tara Simon's performance of Hoobastank’s "The Reason" was ah-mazing. This girl can do so much with her voice, and that dress! Let's just say it's a good thing that The Biebs didn't have any milk before watching Tara, otherwise he might have vomited all over her in a fit of ecstasy. That's how good she is.

4. Diamond Blows Everyone's Collective Mind
Looks like our personal queen, Britney Spears, might have the best group in the competition, ya'll. Her commune of small children are extremely talented, and Mother Britney's god-like presence definitely brought out the best in them. Case in point, Diamond White –– who nailed her cover of "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne. How is it possible for someone so tiny to have such a huge voice? (And for Britney not to completely lose her ish over it?)

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

5. Beatrice Is Like A Titanium Skyscraper
Poor Beatrice Miller started dry-heaving and wet-crying moments before her performance (we've been there, oh wee one), but she wiped away her tears and delivered a heartfelt rendition of David Guetta feat. Sia’s "Titanium". Also, we love how adorably middle-school Beatrice is — we would totally be her locker partner. All she needs are a few packs of silly bands and she'll be ready for her first Teen Bop cover!

6. Carly Rose Is Better Than All Your Faves
Despite the fact that she was wearing what appears to be a poncho (nope-nope-nope), Carly Rose Sonenclar stood before's hilarious beard and sang her heart out. Her rendition of Karmin's "Broken Hearted" had Reed Deming frolicking around in a fit of rage, and Brit-Brit was mind-blown. There's no way our blossoming rose won't make it to the final four, Factor Fans.

7. Willie Goes Back To The Future
Willie Jones forgot the lyrics to "Nobody Knows" during boot camp, but he came back, learned the words and nailed it. Also, we appreciate that he was essentially serenading Nick Jonas while sitting next to a small cluster of decorative twigs. Never change, Willie. Wait –– actually, on second thought, please change out of that bolo tie.

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

8. Cece's Sexy And She Knows It
After hand-painting her entire leg with leopard print (seriously, this is becoming a huge problem) CeCe Frey delivered a sweet and reflective version of LMFAO's "I'm Sexy and I know It," which definitely won the judges over. Nick Jonas was bobbing his head in approval, his pop-pom was twirling, and yes, his bare feet broke out into a cold-sweat. Well, we assume...

9. Sister C Remind Us That They Are Related
Sister C is kind of creepy in a "we're a group of singing sisters, let us harmonize at you" way, but dang. Even Simon was blown away by their rendition of "Leaving." These ladies are glamorous, gorgeous, and boy do they know how to work their way through a three-part harmony. It's almost like they share a mind. One big, triplet mind.... Is anyone else really scared right now?

10. LYLAS Make Us Burn Our Bras
You guys, LYLAS. Love You Like A Sister. Sure, they've only been a group for a New York minute (starring the Olsen twins), but these ladies are already sista-friends, and we expect them to start sharing traveling pants any day now. Their rendition of "Impossible" was impossibly (badoom chh) beautiful, and we're pretty sure we saw a tear in Marc Anthony's eye. Then again, he's always consumed with ennui, so who knows. Either way, these ladies are here to stay!

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