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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm’s Bachelorette Love Story and Shocking Breakup: A Timeline

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm have only known eachother for about six months, but they've been through more than most peeps have been through in a lifetime. A lifetime, people. We've rounded up a timeline of Jef and Em's relationship so you can see how their love blossomed — and eventually faded.

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March 15th: Jef and Emily Meet For The First Time
Emily fell for Jef's mysterious charms the moment he whizzed up on a skateboard and stunned her with the gentle wind blowing in his hair coif. Denim on denim has never looked so good, and let's get real — nothing goes better with a Texas Tuxedo than a floor-length bejeweled gown. Em and Jef are a match made in fashion heaven!

March 29th: Jef and Emily Cuddle In Bermuda
Remember when Emily took Jef (oh, and everyone else) to Bermuda and made him fight to the death in a boat race? It was that fateful day when Jef suffered a near-fatal finger injury, which Emily gently kissed while they cuddled under a blanket on the beach. Sadly, Jef's skinny jeans didn't allow him to physically move, so he couldn't take his passion and make it happen.

April 4th: Emily and Jef Kiss In London Town
After weeks of sensitive flirting and coiffed confusion, Emily finally invited Jef and his elbow patches on a bloke-on-blokette date in London! First, they took etiquette lessons and learned important things about tea, then they bonded over some pub grub, and finally Jef kissed Emily after taking a ride on ye old eye of London. A million swoons!

April 14th: Emily and Jef Get Their PG-13 Bond On In Prague
Emily and Jef definitely had the hots for each other by the time they czech'd out the Czech Republic, which is why they did it Praguey-style all over the floor of an ancient library. This was the moment when Jef told Emily he wanted to "marry the f*ck out of her," and also the moment when we started building the first in a series of fabulous shrines. Don't judge!

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April 22nd: Jef Declares His Love During The Hometown Dates
Emily's trip to Utah was a magical adventure, wherein she and Jef did skeet shooting, cuddled on random hay bales, and –– most importantly –– confessed their undying love for each other. Actually, scratch that. Jef dropped the L-word on Em while she grinned at him, and then he said the adorable sentence, 'I want to show Ricki how to fall in love." What's that, you say? You think Jef's love for the Rickster is slightly strange? To the left, please.

May 8th: Jef Meets Ricki In Curacao
At first, Emily was reluctant to introduce any of her suitors to Tricky Ricki, but her tropical love for Jef inspired a change of heart. Jef and Ricki's bonding moment was a fairy tale adventure filled with high fives, mermaid roleplaying, pink goggles, wine glasses and suicidal snails. By the end of it, Jef and Ricki were BFF status, and the rest is history!

May 10th: Jef and Emily Get Engaged
After weeks of eye-sexing, makeout sessions and mutual shirtlessness, Emily stood on a be-flowered alter, declared her love for Jef, and watched as he bent down on one knee to pop the question with a 150k diamond stunner. The moment was just as perfect as you'd expect, and our copious tears made all those drawings we painted of Jef and Emily totes smudged.

May 10th - July 22nd: Jef and Emily Date In Secret
Jef and Emily's engagement happened several weeks before it aired on ABC, which means they had to keep their relationship a secret. Apparently, these lovebirds met every other weekend for romantic getaways (probably on Chris Harrison's pervy dime), and even invited Ricki on a fishing trip!

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July 22nd - July 26th: Emily and Jef Go Public
After their engagement aired on ABC, millions of fan-girls parted like The Red Sea so Emily and Jef could come forth Moses style. They spent about a week giving a series of adorable interviews with the media, wherein they chatted about important topics like their wedding, Jef's move to Charlotte, and Emily's running man skills.

July 26th - TBA: Emily And Jef Go To Africa
Jef and Emily traveled to Ghana in late July to do charitable work with Jef's company, People Water. They plan to supervise several well projects that will deliver clean water to folks in rural communities, so yeah. They are basically the best people ever.

August 18th: Em And Jef Go On Vacation In South Carolina
A few weeks after returning from their triumphant trip to Africa, Jef and Emily met up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina –– where Jef's parents serve as presidents of a Mormon Mission. Jef and Em joined the entire Holm family for a family vacation (with the Rickster!), and seemingly had a fab time. Or so we thought...

August 20st: Emily and Jef Step Out On The Town
Just one day before news of Emily's rumored cheating broke, she and Jef looked very much in love while grocery shopping in Charlotte.

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August 21st: Emily and Jef Go On A Date Night
After a fun-filled weekend in South Carolina, Emily took her hubby-to-be for a night out on the town in Charlotte, where they feasted on giant burgers and a platter of sushi — and managed to make us both hungry and swoony while doing so. Jef even called Em his "baby boo!" Little did we know their relationship was about to change forever.

August 22nd: Reports Of Emily's Alleged Cheating Break
Us Weekly caused mass heartbreak around the world when they broke the story that Emily cyber-cheated on Jef while in South Carolina. According to Us Weekly's mysterious source, Jef stole Emily's phone and discovered she had been cheating on him with a random boy-toy. "There were texts and pictures: 'Let's do this and that to each other,'" the source said. "Jef and Emily went into a bedroom and were yelling. He said 'you've been f*cking cheating on me for months!" Jef reportedly kicked Emily out of the family compound at 1AM, telling her to "pack her sh*t and get the f*ck out."

August 22nd: Em and Jef Hold Hands in Public, Maintain a United Front
On the same day Us Weekly published an explosive cover story alleging Emily had been cheating on Jef, the couple stepped out in Charlotte looking just as happy and in love as ever.

August 22nd: Emily and Jef Issue a Statement, Say Reports Are "Bogus"
After spending most of August 22nd crying into our Chris Harrison poster, Jef and Emily gave us hope when they denied Us Weekly's cheating allegations. “It’s one hundred percent not true,” Emily told People, while Jef laughed off the story and called it “bogus.” Em added that she and Jef have “never been more in love or felt more confident about our relationship."

August 23rd: Us Weekly Fires Back and Reveals Their Source... Jef's Brother!
Emily and Jef were quick to dismiss rumors of Em's cheating, but Us Weekly's source came forward just a day after the news broke, and was none other than Jef's brother, Mike Holm! "I can tell you that it's all 100% true," Mike told Us. "I was there and I heard the fight and watched the whole thing go down, Emily leaving and everything. I love my brother very much and, like the rest of our family, I just want him to be happy."

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August 23rd: Arie Luyendyk Jr. Speaks Out
Jef and Emily's supporters can't believe the happy couple are going through this media storm, and even her ex, Arie Luyendyk Jr., is taking a stand. After Jef tweeted "Crazy what people will do, even family members, to see their name in a magazine," Arie responded "Not cool! This is be yesterday's news tomorrow."

August 23rd: Exclusive Source Tells Wetpaint Entertainment That Em and Jef Have Come Close To Breaking Up
Since the news of Emily's alleged cheating broke, fans of “Jemily” have expressed shock and outrage – but for the couple’s inner circle, the scandal isn’t that surprising. In fact, a source close to Jef and Emily exclusively tells Wetpaint Entertainment things between the Bachelorette couple have been so bad since the finale taping, the couple has already come close to splitting! “Jef has been complaining that they have nothing in common,” the source tells Wetpaint. “He even says they’ve already come close to breaking up once since the finale.”

August 23rd: Jef and Em Visit Ricki At School
Despite living through the most epic sexting scandal since 1995, Em and Jef aren't letting the media storm get the better of them. They even tweeted a picture of themselves hanging with Ricki during her first day at school!

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August 23rd: Jef and Em Go Out To Lunch
The day Jef Holm's brother confirmed his story, the newly-engaged Bachelorette couple stepped out in Charlotte. Jef and Emily held hands and smiled at each other as they headed to lunch in Jef's soon-to-be hometown. Do Jef and Em look like a couple on the verge of breaking up? Not so much.

August 24th: Jef Issues A Public Statement To People, Says His Brother's Story Is 100% False
There's been lots of back and forth about Emily's supposed cheating, and Jef decided to set the record straight once and for all. He went back to People to say "This whole story is 100 percent false," adding "My family all says they are shocked, and obviously I'm shocked."

September 26th: Emily's Other Man Is Finally Revealed!
It’s pretty hard for us to imagine a universe in which Jef Holm is cheated on, but according to Us Weekly, that’s the reality. So, who is this guy ? It’s Matt Leinart, as in Oakland Raiders QB Matt Leinart! Cue jaw-drops.

September 28th: It's Reported That Emily Paid Jef to Date Her After Cheating Scandal
A report from Us Weekly alleges Jef and Emily’s Bachelorette fairy tale is all a facade — and that Emily paid Jef off to stay with her. This info comes straight from Jef’s ex girlfriend Kaylee Shepherd, who recently met up with Jef in Utah.

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September 28th: Jef Holm’s Ex Girlfriend Claims They Were Still Together When He Left for The Bachelorette
Ready for a huge plate of drama with a steaming side of sad faces? Spoiler source Reality Steve made good on his promise to publish a series of emails between himself and Jef Holm's ex-girlfriend, Kaylee Shepherd, in which she says they were still dating during The Bachelorette.

September 28th: Emily and Jef Release A Statement: “I Trust Him, He Trusts Me”
El Jefe has been accused of cheating on our West Virginia Mountain Mama and taking half her money in exchange for keeping up public appearances. So, what do Jef and Em have to say for themselves this time? It’s all about trust.

October 9th: Reality Steve Reports that Emily and Jef are “No Longer Engaged”
Cringing and wincing, sobbing and shaking — Reality Steve is rarely wrong, and he says in his column that Jemily are dunzo. They’re just circling the wagons and figuring out how and when to announce their split.

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October 12th: Wetpaint Entertainment’s Sources Confirm, Jef and Emily Are Over
We hoped and prayed (to our framed photos of Chris Harrison) that the rumors weren’t true, but our sources exclusively confirmed what we all hoped in our hearts would never happen: Emily and Jef are over. Our source says, “They were both too unhappy to go on.”

So are we, Jemily — so are we.

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