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Pretty Little Liars

Lindsey Shaw on Paige Being an “A” Suspect: I Don’t Want Her to Be Playing Emily – Exclusive

We’re happy that Emily (Shay Mitchell) has finally found some happiness with Paige (Lindsey Shaw) on Pretty Little Liars, but we have to admit that we are still a little suspicious. (Paige did try to drown her in Season 1, after all!) With the Halloween episode fast approaching (Season 3, Episode 13: “This Is a Dark Ride,” October 23), Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Lindsey to talk about Paige’s violent streak and if she thinks that her character is really on the “A” team.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We saw a slightly violent side of Paige, are we going to revisit that and kind of figure out what’s percolating underneath?
Lindsey Shaw: You know that side is always there in her. It’s at least dormant for a bit. So I’m certain that now that my name has been cleared, it’s up for grabs to be muddied again. There’s some suspect stuff that goes down. Like I said, they are surprising us every time at table reads with new stuff. So, I don’t know. I could go in tomorrow and be all reversed. You never know on this show. The actors actually don’t even know who is safe. So for now, that violent side is dormant, but we’ll see.

Did you wonder, when she was throwing trash cans, what that was about?
No. Because while I did think it could certainly go in that violent direction, I just think we’ve seen Paige as somebody who just has a very stunted understanding of how to express her emotions. I think that that was sort of a gesture from the Paige who tried to drown Emily. She’s very childlike and visceral in her reactions, and I think it was just one of those for me. She kind of goes crazy for a second, but that for me could still have been Paige. That’s kind of what I thought.

I feel like Marlene has never written anything without an underlying purpose, and certainly when you try to drown another person, it’s like, “Hmm, I wonder why?”
Seriously. Because people have a lot of animosity towards Paige still a little bit from that, Maya and all the history. But when someone says it out loud, like, I tried to drown her. I’m like, “Oh, right.” It just sounds so violent.

Part of that must have been to make you a suspect.
Of course, definitely. Like I said, while I could have seen it going there, I was hoping that it wouldn’t because I just felt like it would invalidate a lot of Paige and Emily’s story so far because it has been so real, honest, genuine. I didn’t want Paige to be playing Emily. I didn’t want that. So I’m glad that that wasn’t the case, and I’m also really glad that Emily took Paige’s side. Despite her friends’ concerns, she took her side, which I think is a really big thing. It’s Emily’s being strong. It goes to show how strong their relationship is and has been, and I love that. I love how much their trust has grown because it started at drowning.

Don’t miss the next new episode of PLL, the Halloween special, on Tuesday, October 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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