Revenge Season 2 Spoilers: Aiden Mathis Gets a Bigger Role in Episode 3, “Confidence,” and a Nolan Nickname!
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Revenge Season 2 Spoilers: Aiden Mathis Gets a Bigger Role in Episode 3, “Confidence,” and a Nolan Nickname!

If you were scratching your head while watching Aiden Mathis on Revenge last week, you A) have not been reading Wetpaint Entertainment enough and B) have a treat coming your way.

It seems the mysterious Brit will be hitting our small screens in a big way on Sunday night’s episode of Revenge, “Confidence.”

“What’s nice for me in the next episode is I actually talk a little bit which is quite interesting … I think by the end of the episode people will know who Aiden is and they will have made their choices one way or the other as to how they feel about him, so it’ll be fun,” actor Barry Sloane told Access Hollywood.

So far Aiden has rescued Emily from a watery grave and the cold knife of the White-Haired Man. But their past keeps her from appreciating his assistance.

“They both [have] a ’Revengenda’… and so while their relationship was going on during their time in training, some of his mission can conflict with hers,” Barry continued. “They both had a different thing that they were gonna go off and do at some point, they just didn’t know when, so it kind of opens it up a little bit.”

Check out this sexy photo of Aiden and Emily kissing!

Barry also reveals that Takeda didn’t send Aiden to the Hamptons, saying his character “forced the issue” in order to protect Emily.

We’re excited for Aiden to become a bigger part of the show, but what’s the one thing he’s missing? A Nolan Ross-certified nickname (à la White-Haired Man-ibal Lecter). The good news is that one is one the way!

“As soon as I read the script [that] I was referred to by Nolan as a nickname, I’m thought, ‘Right, I’ve officially landed in the Hamptons now and [am] on the radar,’” Barry laughed.

We can’t wait to hear what Nolan’s come up with! What do you think of Aiden thus far? Weigh in below!

Source: Access Hollywood

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