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Top 5 Biggest OMG Moments From Revenge Season 2 Thus Far

Can we just say that we’re only two episodes into Revenge and we’ve already had our minds blown about a million times? Even working at spoiler-happy Wetpaint Entertainment, we still managed to get a ton of jaw-dropping moments from the start of the season.

Here were our five biggest thus far:

1. Victoria Grayson Is Back, Bitches!

There’s a solid chance our neighbors are filing a complaint about how loud our screams were when Victoria Grayson opened that log cabin door in the Catskills. We figured she’d be back, but never in a million years did we think we’d know by the first episode, hell, in the first 30-ish minutes!

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2. Aiden Shoots the White-Haired Man

Ems can definitely handle herself, but the situation was looking pretty dire at the end of last week’s episode when the White-Haired Man had Ms. Thorne by the throat. He was just telling her goodbye when he took a lethal bullet to the back, courtesy of one Aiden Mathis. Wait, what?!

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3. Victoria Calls Conrad and Returns From the Dead

We know the Hamptons Queen has some balls, but this one took the cake. As far as Conrad knows, Victoria’s six feet under, or at least blown to bits. And then, out of the blue, he gets a venomous phone call inviting him to a Fight Club in her Catskills cabin. We have no words.

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4. Charlotte Accuses Her Father of Bringing the Plane Down

Char was always a daddy’s girl, but when he tries to lock her back up to snag her inheritance, her relationship with Conrad takes a downward spiral. She claims to be clean and then shouts that she knows he blew up Victoria's plane. It seems the youngest Grayson is catching on, finally.

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5. Emily Lies to Amanda About Her Baby’s Paternity

Yeah, yeah, we know Emily and Jack are meant to be together, but when Ems lies to Amanda and tells her the baby doesn’t belong to Jack, she hits a new level of low. Sure, Fauxmanda’s been stirring up trouble and sliding down poles from day 1, but it’s not like she has a lot going for her. We have a feeling this one will come back to bite, Ems.

Do you agree with our picks? Tell us some of yours below!

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