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Which Revenge Storyline Could You Do Without?

Don’t get us wrong, we eat up every single second of Revenge on Sunday nights. But there are certain storylines that have us holding our breath and others we wouldn’t mind fast forwarding through.

For example, we love Declan, but is the jewelry mule plot point for real? Dec, after everything you’ve been through, aren’t your lobster senses tingling? We have to believe that the Montauk native has more street smarts than that. Is he really so desperate for money that he has to resort to these measures? He can definitely live in The Stowaway (even if it’s awkward) for a little while longer.

And are we supposed to buy Ashley and Daniel as a couple? They’re obviously using one another, but we haven’t seen a single moment of intimacy between the twisted pair. If you’re going to have an icky couple, make them icky! Right now these two just seem like glorified roomies.

Speaking of roomies, we could do without Fauxmanda’s pregnancy predicament. We hear that come Episode 4, she’ll finally be giving birth, and there’s also the potential that she’ll lose the baby. Will that mean that she’ll finally leave Jack alone? Probably not. But there’s very little place for infants on the trigger-happy Hamptons beaches.

Which storyline would you skip if given the chance? Vote below or comment if we forgot one!

No way! You're missing a big one!

One you mentioned!

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10.13.2012 / 12:11 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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