Who Is Padma Lahari on Revenge?
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Who Is Padma Lahari on Revenge?

Those of you who haven’t been trolling the “Spoiler” section of Wetpaint Entertainment might have been surprised to see a new face — or two! — on last week’s episode of Revenge. One of the most important comes in the form of Nolan Ross’s new CFO, Padma Lahari.

The newbie first appeared via video conference and was quick to tell Nolan off for his poor management of his company, Nolcorp. Considering this is the first time we’d seen Nolcorp, there’s a solid chance she had a point.

This sassy techie quickly went from insubordinate to impressive in Nolan’s eyes, and he promoted her from analyst to CFO faster than Emily Thorne could pick a lock.

Though they have yet to get frisky, we know that she’s meant to be Nolan’s lady love. We’re already pretty big fans of her sassy attitude and hope that it puts the over-confident billionaire in his place this season.

Padma is played by actress Dilshad Vadsaria, who is best known for her role as Rebecca Logan on the ABC Family show Greek.

Thus far, Padma hasn’t shown any signs of evil, but there are plenty of masters of disguise on the Hamptons shores.

“She scares me a little bit,” actor Gabriel Mann revealed last month. “She brings the sweet so genuinely that I know they’re about to flip her and Padma’s about to go pitch black.”

Do you think she’s capable of going rogue? Weigh in below!

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10.13.2012 / 09:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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