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Pitch Perfect Heartthrob Skylar Astin: 4 Roles Lea Michele’s Pal Could Play on Glee

If we came away with one conclusion after watching Pitch Perfect in theaters this past weekend, it’s this: We want more Skylar Astin (Jesse) on our TV and/or movie screens. Like, pronto.

Given that Skylar is a former Broadway star and that he’s friends with Glee’s Lea Michele (Rachel) we can’t help but think about what it might be like to see him on Glee. Lea, Skylar, and Jonathan Groff (Jesse St. James) all starred in Broadway’s Spring Awakening back in 2008, and Ryan Murphy wrote Jonathan a part on Glee. So why couldn’t he do the same thing for Skylar?

If Ryan or the Glee writers need any ideas at all, we’d be happy to help. In fact, we’ve already come up with four roles we’d love to see Skylar tackle on Glee.

1. One of Rachel’s classmates at NYADA, and a potential new love interest for Kurt

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We know there have to be male students at NYADA other than Brody (Dean Geyer). We see them in the background occasionally, but since none of them has ever said a word on camera to Rachel or otherwise they don’t really exist. Rachel needs to make more friends at her New York arts school, and Lea’s real-life pal, Skylar, would be a great candidate for exactly that. Plus, their late-night study sessions would provide Skylar’s character the perfect opportunity to be introduced to Rachel’s room mate, Kurt (Chris Colfer).

As much as we love seeing Kurt’s newfound success in the fashion industry, we really hope it won’t mean he’s about to give up on his Broadway dreams for good. And what better way to get him excited about performing again than with a hot new NYADA guy?

2. An old army buddy of Finn’s who is hired as McKinley’s new assistant football coach

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Though Skylar’s Broadway past might make a storyline at NYADA seem like a good fit, he also has the strong jawline and all-American good looks of a former high school athlete.

We can totally picture him as the tough new McKinley High assistant football coach and perhaps one who isn't too pleased about all the extra time his payers are spending in glee club. Can he convince Ryder and the other guys to ditch the New Directions forever? We sure hope not.

3. A self-obsessed recording artist Mercedes sings backup for in L.A.

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We haven’t seen any of Mercedes’s (Amber Riley) new life in Los Angeles, where she’s working as a backup vocalist at an indie record label. When it does come time to visit her in L.A., we’d love to see Skylar as one of the hot new up-and-coming singers she records with.

Incessantly demanding, totally fame-hungry, and an all-around pain to deal with, Skylar’s character could be completely outlandish. Plus, it would give him a chance to show off his comedic side one of the things we loved about his role in Pitch Perfect.

4. Marley’s troubled older brother, who starts causing major drama in her life

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We may have already met Marley’s (Melissa Benoist) mom, but we still know very little about her life. Is her dad in the picture? What’s the story with her family, anyway? We wouldn’t be surprised if Marley was hiding a couple of dark secrets about her home life. Who says one of them couldn’t be a rebellious ex-con older brother who suddenly pushes his way back into her life?

Skylar’s character could cause all sorts of problems for Marley as her troubled older bro, and those issues could easily start to bleed over into her school life. Plus, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if snarky cheerleader Kitty developed a serious crush on him. She does seem to have a thing for bad boys, after all.

I would LOVE to see Skylar on Glee!

There are so many celeb guest stars already, though.

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10.15.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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