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Grey's Anatomy

Sarah Drew: April’s Christian Faith Will “Definitely” Play Into Future Episodes of Grey’s Anatomy – Exclusive

After a one-week hiatus, Grey's Anatomy is finally back with a new episode this week. Since we can’t wait to get more juicy info on the coming episodes, Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Sarah Drew (April Kepner) last week at the Media Access Awards in Los Angeles to talk about what’s next for April, specifically how her now-revealed faith will play into future episodes.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How will April act around the interns?
I’m just starting to get to work with some of the interns and it’s really funny. This episode right now I’m sort of being a hard ass, I think everybody of coming into their own skin a bit about being attendings and being in charge of other people. So she’s having fun with it but there’s also the potential for it to go to her head a bit. As per usual, Ms. April.

Will we dive into April’s faith more this season and, if so, how will it play into her job at Seattle Grace?
It will definitely play into it. She is now much more open about what she believes and how all the choices she makes are affected by what she believes. So we’ll see her kind of struggling with some guilt here and there and I think there’s a fun storyline soon that affects patients also. I haven’t read that script yet but I think there’s going to be something they’re going to dive into. I think they really want to tell a story about someone with faith that’s not the typical “Let’s bash the Christian,” because I feel like that happens a lot on television. But I think they really want to tell a very true story that feels authentic to a Christian experience.

So this season April will be diving into Christianity and wedding planning, great!
I’m not saying she’s planning a wedding – all I’m telling you is what is already on the internet, which is that Jackson, says, “Do you want to get married?” That’s all I’m saying.

Catch the next new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, October 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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