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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers: Is [Major Character] Going to Die, Like in the Comics?

Mixed feelings about this one.

The Hollywood Reporter talked to The Walking Dead executive producers Robert Kirkman and Glen Mazzara about Season 3 — which starts tonight on AMC! — and how faithful they plan to be to the original comics.

For example, THR notes in a MAJOR COMIC BOOK SPOILER, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and her baby don't make it out of the comic alive after the battle with the Governor (David Morrissey), whom we'll meet this season on the TV show. THR asked if Lori needed to die to redeem her role in Shane's (Jon Bernthal) death at the end of Season 2.

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"You'll have to find out," Mazzara said. "We're going to tell the story our way. It has to make sense for all of our characters. We can't spoil anything but it'll be a very interesting story."

Kirkman added, "Anybody can die at any time. Also, anybody can live. We're not really tied to the events of the comic book series as far as lives and deaths go. There's definitely an effort in changing that specifically just because those are really the most important elements that you wouldn't want spoiled. There's definitely going to be some radical changes to that."

So maybe she'll live, maybe she won't. Couple of feelings on this one. For one, why should Lori have to die to redeem her role in Shane's death? Yeah, she got all Lady Macbeth with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) while also putting ideas in Shane's head, but Rick is the one who actually shot stabbed Shane (followed by Carl ending Shane's walker life). If someone has to die for that sin, why shouldn’t it be Rick — considering all the questionable decisions he's made in the past two seasons? Why should he get promoted to Ricktator while Lori — not to mention their innocent baby — die off?

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On the other hand, Lori is a massive pain in the butt. Her love triangle with Rick and Shane caused a lot of problems for everyone else, not to mention the fact that neither she nor Rick could keep an eye on their son Carl for more than five minutes. Andrea (Laurie Holden) was right to point out to Lori that she wasn't the boss lady of the group — she had yet to lose anyone and had no idea what it was like, so she had no right in judging others who wanted to "opt out." Lori's just annoying sometimes.

But if Lori goes, then the baby goes and would they really do that? Yeah, maybe it would be realistic in an actual zombie apocalypse (not that we know...) and how would they raise a child in the world the way it is now?

Do you think they'll kill off Lori and the baby or save the baby or save them both or what? We know someone major is dying this season, 'cause TVLine spoiled that "a series regular will become zombie kibble on Season 3." That could be anyone. Like maybe T-Dog? Just don't let it be Daryl MoFo Dixon!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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