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Brittana, Klaine, or Finchel: Which Glee Fans Raised The Most Money for Charity?

We’ve always wondered how much a tissue box with Darren Criss (Blaine) and Chris Colfer’s (Kurt) signatures on it would be worth. (Okay, so we haven’t always wondered that, but just go with it.) And now we know the answer: A whole heckuva lot.

The cast members from Glee’s three major couples Finchel, Klaine, and Brittana each autographed a tissue box and auctioned it off in honor of Glee’s sob-worthy episode, Season 4, Episode 4: “The Break-Up.” Of course, with the auction having ended last Friday, you might just need more tissues to deal with the fact that you weren’t one of the lucky winners.

Credit: David Giesbrecht/Jordin Althaus/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

So which couple’s tissue box generate the highest bid? That would be — drumroll! — Kurt and Blaine’s box, according to Digital Spy. The site reports that the tissues with Chris and Darren’s autographs generated a whopping $9,500. We’ll say it again — a tissue box sold for nearly ten grand! (Uh, these are tissues we’re talking about, right?)

Credit: David Giesbrecht/Jordin Althaus/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

In second place was the Finchel box, with a winning bid of $3,500, and then the Brittana box came in at third with $1,850. And while all of these figures are impressive, it’s especially staggering to realize that the Klaine box sold for nearly three times the amount of the second-place Finchel box! We figured there were some obsessive Klaine fans out there, but this makes it official.

This outcome is especially surprising given that, when we last checked in on the auction a week before it closed, the Kurt-Blaine box was actually in second place behind the Rachel-Finn one. Perhaps a bunch of Klaine fans were procrastinating on placing their bids?

All in all, the auction generated $14,850 for charity, which is enough to put a smile on our faces — and given how crushing that last Glee episode was, we’ll take all the Glee-related smiles we can get.

Source: Digital Spy

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