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Castle Recap of Season 5, Episode 4: “Murder, He Wrote”

New York City has let out for the weekend! Richard Castle’s all ready to whisk Kate Beckett away for a romantic couple of days in the Hamptons, much to Martha and Alexis’s delight. Actually, we can’t tell who's more excited for their first weekend together.

Beckett stares at her computer, anxiously awaiting the countdown. Five o’clock and no murder means she is officially free for 48 hours. Castle pops up behind her just so he can watch the look of her face when the clock strikes. She immediately retreats into panic mode — no case usually equals no Castle. So, it would be a little suspicious for him to be around.

Ryan and Esposito drop by and ask Castle if he knows anything about Beckett’s new boyfriend. Castle plays along with the charade, acting interested and hurt that she won’t give up the details. Beckett and Castle go their separate ways, leaving Ryan and Esposito hungry to put mission ID Beckett’s Boyfriend into full effect.

Caskett pull up to Castle’s home away from home in the Hamptons. A mesmerized Beckett can’t even get out of the car. They take a tour of his estate, but Beckett’s mind wonders how many other women he’s brought there. He takes her by the hand and promises that this time is different. And with a glimpse of a smile, she’s back on board the Castle train.

Night time rolls around, and Castle heads out to the pool. Beckett drops her robe, and Castle boyishly notices that she purposely forgot her suit. Seconds later, a man stumbles into Castle’s backyard, covered in blood, and falls into the pool. Guess you can take the detective away from the crime, but you can’t take the crime away from the detective!

The local police chief, John Brady, who gets under Beckett’s skin very quickly, questions Castle and Beckett. When she requests her name be kept out of his investigation, he mistakes her for a prostitute! Beckett schools him by piecing together some very pertinent facts that the Chief failed to ask, but isn’t taken seriously since the Chief doesn’t know Beckett is a detective.

The victim’s name is Randall Franklin, a weekend Hampton-goer who was last seen at a party on the beach two hours before he was shot. Suddenly, another cop motions for the Chief’s attention. As he walks away, Beckett is clearly frustrated. Her fairy-tale weekend in the Hamptons is now tainted with the stench of “mistress.”

The cops arrest a young meth user who was found passed out on the beach, with Randall’s wallet. Case closed. Since he has the wallet, he must have done it.

Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Castle doesn’t buy that the meth user, Cassius McMurray, did it. He sets out to find more answers, much to the dismay of Beckett, who seems to have left her detective side back in the city. She came to the Hamptons to relax, not work. But he won’t be able to until the real killer is brought in.

Caskett learn that at the beach party, Randall Franklin was seen arguing with a woman who wasn’t his wife, because she was still back in the New York City. He was also involved in a major insider trading scandal. Five of his colleagues went to jail, but Franklin escaped time by testifying against them. That could be motive for murder. But they need more answers and enlist Ryan and Esposito for help in questioning Franklin’s wife back home.

Castle catches them right as they are trying to pry the name of Beckett’s beau out of Lanie, who doesn’t know anything either. Beckett can overhear the entire exchange and doesn’t like it at all. She doesn’t get why it’s such a big deal.

Ryan and Espo bring Franklin’s wife in to the precinct. She said that she didn’t think he had any contact with any of his former colleagues. When asked who the woman might be, who was on the beach with her husband, Mrs. Franklin thought it could be his girlfriend. Yeah, you heard that right.

Randall’s mistress is Natalia Roosevelt, a former councilwoman and local bar owner. Randall’s wife found out about the affair and sent her husband to end things with the other woman.
Castle and Beckett grab drinks at her bar, but Castle’s questioning comes off way too strong. Natalia summons over the police chief, who just happens to be nearby, and isn’t Castle’s biggest fan. Accusing them of interfering with his investigation, the two are arrested.

Down at the station, Chief Brady does some digging on Beckett to find out she’s really a homicide detective. Good, because he seriously needs her help! The Chief has never worked a homicide before and knows they caught the wrong guy. She decides to help, so long as the charges are dropped, and Brady doesn’t mention she was ever there.

After interrogating Natalia, she admits to arguing with Franklin, but believes that they were only dating so that he could get her council vote for usage of a helicopter pad in his backyard. Once the city council approved it, he dumped her. Randall got a text and left the beach before Natalia could finish the argument. Her alibi clears — she was back at her bar when Franklin was killed.

Esposito and Ryan discover the text was sent from a burner phone. The Medical Examiner’s report showed salt water in Franklin’s lungs. He must have been in the ocean for at least 20 minutes post-shooting. He was shot off a boat, which is why no one heard shots fired.

Castle and Beckett seek the help of McMurray, the meth user from the beach, to see if he saw anything. McMurray said he say a red shark with red eyes. Huh? Maybe he’s still high. Nope, turns it was the sign on one of the boats down at the marina. The boat belongs to Andrew Lerner, one of the guys who went to jail in the insider trading scandal. And Franklin’s blood is found at the scene.

Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Lerner says his boat was stolen, because he was at a weight loss group meeting at the time. He points a finger to Franklin’s neighbor, Vinnie “the scar” Cardono, of the local crime family. Beckett and Castle invite him over for dinner, but Chief Brady warn them not to.

Dinner goes well, until it doesn’t. Vinnie senses that Castle thinks he was the one who killed Franklin. In true crime boss fashion, Vinnie says if he has killed Franklin, no one would have found the body. Vinnie now thinks Chief Brady sent Castle and Beckett to question him. In an effort to distance himself from the two, he threatens to expose Caskett if they come near the case.

Espo and Ryan uncover that Franklin was purchasing abandoned properties in the city and reportedly turning them into condos. They find it suspicious, though, that Franklin didn’t have any tenants and find that the properties are actually used as meth labs.

With this new information, Castle and Beckett go for another round of their detective foreplay, figuring meth was the reason for Franklin’s death. It’s all starting to make sense, but Beckett can’t help but obsess over why he was killed in the Hamptons, instead of New York City.

She suspects part of the operation was out on the island and notice the meth lab shipments coincide with Franklin’s flight plans from his helicopter. That’s why he needed the helipad! But Franklin wasn’t alone. Lerner was also apart of the operation. He’s brought in for questioning by Ryan. Lerner confirms he was helping Franklin, but didn’t kill him. He lets it slip that he was alibied-out by Castle and his "girlfriend." When Ryan presses the issue, Lerner leaks that it’s Beckett. Now, Ryan knows!

Ryan calls Castle and says he spoke with Lerner about the investigation. He hangs up before telling Caskett what he has just learned, leaving the pair virtually speechless.

Moments later, Chief Brady stops by Castle’s place and says that the guy who worked down at the marina, Marty Bentley, was the one who killed Franklin. They got a tip from McMurray, and when the cops searched Bentley’s digs, they found the burner phone used to send the text. Brady was hoping that Castle and Beckett would come down to the dock for the arrest. Castle agrees, again to the displeasure of Beckett.

Chief Brady and the other cops bust onto Bentley’s boat and find the gun used in the murder and bags of crystal meth. They arrest Bentley, but Castle notices the perfectly tied knots by the boat. Whoever stole Lerner’s boat was inexperienced (their knots were atrocious), so it couldn’t have been Bentley.

Castle looks to accuse Brady, but Brady says that one of the other cops pulled the intel on Bentley. Turns out the cop was a meth dealer and thought Franklin and company were invading on this territory. The real killer is shot by Chief Brady, and arrested. Case finally closed.

Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Another case that is temporarily closed is Beckett’s boyfriend. Even though Ryan knows the truth, he opts not to share the information with Esposito, and tells him they should just drop it and let Beckett have her privacy.

Castle and Beckett enjoy their final night in the Hamptons together before coming back to reality. As she climbs on top of him, we finally get a see a kiss that lasts more than a millisecond. Thanks, Marlowe!

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