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Jersey Shore

Deena Nicole Shows Off New Skinny Body — Is She Going Overboard? (PHOTO)

Between her new teeth, darker hair, and super-toned bod, Deena Nicole is nearly unrecognizable from how she looked about a year ago (left). And while we couldn't be happier for our lean meatball, we're hoping she doesn’t get too skinny.

After all, the Jersey Shore star is very sensitive and has said that she was bullied in high school. Even recently, Deena had to take a break from Twitter because of negative comments.

However, Deena seems more confident now than ever. She lost 15 lbs., two dress sizes, has an adoring boyfriend, and has a strong support system behind her. We think she'll keep her body transformation in control.

Do you think Deena's weight loss is healthy and amazing, or should she be careful not to go overboard? Let us know in the buttons below.

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