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Is Jenelle Evans Moving to Get Away From Gary Head?

Ladies, prepare your bodies — a new chapter of dramarama is opening for our girl Jenelle Evans. This Teen Mom 2 super-babe just broke up with her boyfriend of a few seconds, Courtland Rogers, and the rumor mill is already swirling about whether or not she'll take back her ex-fiance, Gary Head.

Gary has been casually dating a sweetheart named Jade, but apparently they are so over — and now Gary needs a shoulder to cry on. Preferably, a shoulder covered in tattoos. The problem? Jenelle seems to have taken Jade's side in this hot mess, and tweeted, "Clearly he wants u in public but wants me on the side? I'm moving, but I'd watch him."

Jenelle also tweeted private texts from Gary, in which he says "please don't move" and adds "I'm losing everything Jenelle and I need someone here for me so bad. I'm lonely, scared, depressed, and I just need someone so bad."

Jenelle's response? "I'm sorry but I'm moving and you use me as a rebound."

Wow, way to stand up for yourself, Jenelley! But what's this about moving? Is Jenelle fleeing North Carolina again? Sigh, just when we thought she'd settled down for good.

Source: Twitter

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