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Revenge Season 2: Could Jack Become a Revenger Like Emily and Nolan? Nick Wechsler Weighs In!

Emily Thorne is notoriously tight-lipped about her revegenda, spinning an intricate web of lies to protect herself and the people she loves.

However, at the end of Revenge Season 1, she was ready to spill the beans to her childhood love, Jack Porter — that is, until Fauxmanda Clarke and her baby bump rounded the corner at The Stowaway!

Since then, Ems has been even more secretive, but we can’t help but wonder if she’ll ever reveal her true identity to the barkeep.

Luckily, Jack’s portrayer, Nick Wechsler, recently shared his insights.

“I think if Emily explained to Jack what she was doing and why, he'd come to understand that,” he admitted to The Insider. “Yeah, she swapped identities with someone else and it's a little out there, a little crazy. But I think once he thought about what happened to her, he'd want her to get revenge.”

But Nick also acknowledges that the reveal won’t happen anytime soon — but only for the added drama.

“I suspect the writers would want to extract as much drama from that reveal as possible,” he added. “The tension they're trying to build with this is that she's getting so deep into this lie, that if she told the truth now, everyone would be like, ‘I can never trust you again.’”

From those lies and betrayal could come quite a crack team, though! When asked if Jack would join Emily and Nolan’s “Revengers,” Nick was quick to answer.

“I suspect he will in the coming seasons. Jack will only do things that are just morally justifiable, but it might not always be that way,” he said. “He might stoop to something illegal but it would always be for the right reasons.”

Whoa! Do you think Emily will reveal herself to Jack? And if so, will he agree to her revengenda? Tell us below!

Source: The Insider

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