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Real Housewives of New York

Twitter Reacts to Jill Zarin’s Return to Bravo: “This Is a Debacle of Narcissism and Delusion”

Last night former Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin finally returned to Bravo for a much-hyped episode of Watch What Happens Live. Jill and host Andy Cohen discussed why she was canned (basically Andy felt she was “toxic”) and Jill reminded us all that she and former BFF Bethenny Frankel were once feuding.

It was clear that Jill was hoping to use this appearance as an opportunity to prove to Bravo (or maybe another TV network?) that she makes great TV. But how did RHONY fans react to the return of the Queen of Zarin Fabrics? Check out some of the funniest tweets below.

“Jill Zarin is like a conspiracy theorist, but all her conspiracies come from the premise that she is the center of the universe,” tweeted comedian and Vulture RHONY recapper Julie Klausner. “This is a debacle of narcissism and delusion like nothing I've ever seen.”

“Honey, as a girl who works in politics, Jill Zarin isn't spinning her story well right now,” conservative talking head (and daughter of John McCain) Meghan McCain tweeted to Andy Cohen.

“There is nothing reasonable about what this self proclaimed voice of reason is saying,” Real Housewives of New Jersey star Greg Bennett tweeted.

Billy Eichner, host of Billy on the Street, saw the silver lining in Jill’s appearance: “The founding fathers would be so happy that Jill Zarin has a public forum.”

Not everyone was negative to Jill though, HelloGiggles’ Edward Hansen tweeted his support of Jill returning to RHONY: “I'm in full support of Jill Zarin coming back to #RHONYC because quite frankly, Ramona needs to be tamed & LuAnn needs ONE ally.”

While it wasn’t directed to Jill specifically, many fans took Bethenny’s tweet last night as a jab against her frienemy Jill: “Does it ever amaze you what desperate people will do to stay relevant?”

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