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4 Theories Surrounding Emily Thorne’s Mother, Kara Wallace Clarke

Emily Thorne's mom (the wayward hippie known as Kara Wallace Clarke) is an international woman of mystery –– much like Carmen Sandiego. Here's what we know: a) Kara was institutionalized when Emily was just a little girl. b) Emily's dad told her that Kara was dead. c) Kara was having an affair with the White-Haired Man. d) Lady loves herself a peasant blouse.

With these facts in mind, check out our top four theories about Kara and her bad self!

1. She's the Head of The Initiative
A female voice from The Initiative called Conrad during Victoria's press conference, and we're wondering if it was Kara. Her relationship with the White-Haired Man put her in a unique position to make a connection with this nefarious group, and it's possible that her frosty-tipped lover was actually her employee. Who knows, maybe that bed-bug infested hotel Kara runs is a front for The Initiative headquarters!

2. She's Working With Victoria
Victoria hired the White-Haired Man to kill Kara, but clearly they made sweet white-haired love all over the Hamptons instead. We don't know what the White-Haired Man would gain by pretending that he had killed Kara, so it's possible that Victoria knows her nemesis is alive and kicking. In fact, they could be working together to bring down Conrad! If these leading ladies ended up being in cahoots, it would be the biggest twist in Revenge history.

3. She's Working With Takeda
We're convinced that Kara has a secret connection to one of Emily's closest allies, and we have our eye on everyone’s favorite mulleted sensei, Satoshi Takeda. Sure, he and his tribe of puppies are all the way in Japan, but he seems desperate for Emily to abandon her quest to find Kara. Why would Takeda care so much about changing Em's revengenda if he wasn't hiding something?

4. Emily Is Her Public Enemy No. 1
Did anyone else find it strange that the White-Haired Man was willing and ready to kill Emily (aka his lover's daughter)? Either he is the worst boyfriend ever, or Kara put a hit on her own child's head. The real question: Why would Kara want Emily dead? Well, we do know she’s already tried to kill her once...

Do you have your own theories about Emily's mom? Dish them in the comments, revengers and revengees!

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10.17.2012 / 07:22 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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