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Bullying As a Form of Flattery?

Mean Stinks! In Primetime: Make It or Break It Star Cassie Scerbo Shares Her Unique Perspective On Cyber-bullying and Why She Believes in Karma

Bullying As a Form of Flattery?
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Cassie Scerbo is taking a stand against bullying on and offline.

As reported by our partner network, Cambio, this Make It or Break It star is actually nothing like her mean girl character, Lauren Tanner, on the show. In fact, Cassie played the opposite role in real life, as the target of bullying. Here, Cassie opens up about what it taught her and reflects on her TV persona of the other side.

"Playing that bully, I got to see things through a bully's eyes. Honestly, they're just insecure people who need to bring other people down to bring themselves up. It's really sad and embarrassing, and if you don't let them get to you, then they won't win," says Cassie. "They won't win and they'll stop, so honestly my advice is just to let it go in one ear and out the other."

Cassie takes a unique stance on the topic, saying she considers it a form of flattery!

"If someone's bullying you and actually taking the time out of their day to try to hurt you, then hey, you're like the center of their world," she explains. "I would just be like, 'Cool, that's obvious I'm doing something right if you want to bully me.'"

Cassie considers self-confidence to be the best deference against the hurtful words of others, especially when dealing with cyber-bullies.

"I think cyber-bullies are cowards and embarrassing people, and whether you can see them or not, deep down inside they know what they're doing is wrong," she says. "No matter how much they try to act like they don't, they do.

Cassie sums up her stance with a Justin Timberlake-like, “What goes around comes around,” mentality.

"I'm a big believer in Karma. if you're spreading hate, then you're going to get some hate back in your life," she advises. "Just be a good person, spread love and you'll get the love back."

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