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Emily Owens, M.D.’s Mamie Gummer Previews the Future of Emily’s Love Triangle – Exclusive

Another hospital, another messy romance plot. This time it’s Mamie Gummer as the title character in Emily Owens, M.D., who should be focusing on her job as a first-year intern at Denver Memorial Hospital but discovers that life as a grown-up is just as awkward as that of a teen. Her high school nemesis Cassandra (Aja Naomi King) is now her biggest rival within the hospital walls, and her med school crush Will (Smallville’s Justin Hartley) pops up everywhere she turns.

Wetpaint Entertainment had a chance to visit the the show’s set in Vancouver to find out from Mamie herself what we can expect from the Grey’s Anatomy-meets-Mean Girls drama.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Where do we see the relationship between Emily and Cassandra go in the near future?

Mamie Gummer: Well, by necessity, they have to kind of figure out how to get along because of the mere fact that they’re working together. But now they’re potentially sharing this very important person in both of their lives, so they’re playing nice.

In the pilot, Will says, “I don't think of you that way.” Does that change as he starts to sees her in a new light?

I don't know. We shall see. I think maybe seeing someone else’s attention turn on her, sort of looking at her like that, perceiving her as such might kind of start to make him wonder. It's a love square.

Does she have to put a little distance between herself and Will?

They get through it. You find out a lot about their past and their history and how deep their friendship is. And so they weather it pretty well, actually. They eventually mature about it.

What can you tease about the love square?

You know, I really can't because I am trying to stay kind of stupid about it. I mean, I'm trying to not know too much because it makes the discovery all that more fun for me as an actor when I get to keep learning things as I go.

She seems kind of oblivious to Micah [Michael Rady] in the beginning. How quickly does she start noticing him?

They kind of pal up pretty quickly. They're obviously really compatible in that way. I don't think it occurs to her to look at him any other way, but they're great friends.

Are we going to see Emily's apartment at some point?

Well, not much — because she goes on a rampage and hides all of the things that are potentially embarrassing, like childhood photos with glasses and braces... maybe some romance novels shoved in the back.

One of the show's themes is that high school can haunt you in your adult life. What parts of Emily are most relatable to you?

I think that Emily has a really big heart, and she just is trying to figure out what to do with it. When we're young, we are, I think, so open and free and wonderful, and then we learn at some point to temper that. So I guess that I can relate to her by accessing who I was before that got kind of molded and shaped and shifted.

In the episodes you guys have shot so far, how is she finding her own?

I think Micah, definitely, is bolstering her a lot. I don't think Gina [the strict surgeon played by Necar Zadegan] is helping much at all, and Will, of course... he's kind of her right-hand man.

Is she growing more confident as the episodes go on?

Yeah. I would say, certainly.

Has she ever taken the competition with Cassandra seriously? Cassandra's really competitive!

No. She's better than that. She don't play that way.

Can you talk a little bit about Emily's first cut?

Yeah. She, of course, aces it. No, I think [the hospital] is the world in which Emily really thrives and is really strong and confident is her work. She works hard. She works well, and she feels really strong in what she does. It's everything that kind of happens before 9 and after 5 — that kind of gets a little questionable.

Emily Owens, M.D. premieres Tuesday, October 16 at 9/8c on The CW.

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