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Top 7 Worst TV Breakups Revealed! (PHOTOS)

Breakups. They’re never easy, but they sure make for good TV. Because let’s face it, whether it’s two characters saying a soft, tragic farewell (good), having a knock-down, drag-out battle (better), or saying “So Long” when everyone knows they’ll both be back for more (Heaven!), it usually has us on the edge of our seats. In fact, it’s practically a mathematical formula: the uglier the split, the better the ratings!
Author Jo Piazza, currently working on a new book entitled Love Rehab, gave us her take on the 7 Worst Breakups ever to air on TV. What’s more, she wants to hear from you!

Have you stalked an ex? Confronted his new girlfriend? Serenaded him with an awful love song? Piazza wants to hear your story! Enter the Love Rehab contest and you’ll not only be eligible to win great prizes, your tale of woe may end up in her book! To enter, send her an email at

Read the Love Rehab: Crazy For Love official contest rules and regulations here.