Tyra Banks: “I Ain’t a Cougar” Dating Younger Men, I’m Ready for Babies
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America's Next Top Model

Tyra Banks: “I Ain’t a Cougar” Dating Younger Men, I’m Ready for Babies

There are worse fates than to be romantically linked to both Drake, 25, and America's Next Top Model judge Rob Evans, 24. If anyone started rumors that we were dating either guy, we'd pour gasoline on the smoke and hope for a fire. But ANTM host Tyra Banks is shutting the rumors down.

Tyra talked romance in an interview with Steve Harvey, which will air today. "There's been a lot of rumors that I've been dating certain people, all these young boys — ain't true," Tyra said on Steve’s show (via UsMagazine.com). "I ain't a cougar!"

She said she's ready to have some babies. But she added that she's been saying she wants babies "in three years" since she was 27. "And now I'm 28..." Ha! She's 38 years old and thinks now is really the right time.

So it sounds like she doesn't want a younger man, who is just out to sow his wild oats. She wants a keeper, ready to settle down and give her some babies. And considering how well she played mama bear to Victoria Henley on ANTM Cycle 19, Episode 7: “The Girl Who Licks the Floor,” we think she'll probably be a fierce, fun, flawsome mom.

But who should be the baby daddy? A famous guy? Some rich non-celeb? Some non-rich Average Joe working at a store down the street? Someone needs to set Tyra up, stat! (Or maybe she should be ABC’s first celebrity Bachelorette?)

Catch the next episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 19: College Edition on Friday, October 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Source: UsMagazine.com

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