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Vanity Fair Editor Talks Gossip Girl Season 6 Cameo, Penn Badgley’s Eyes — and That One Time Leighton Meester Told Him Off

If you're a Gossip Girl fan, you're probably familiar with The Daily Intel's hilarious Reality Index. This world-famous recap was originally the effort of New York Magazine vet Chris Rovzar, who sat down with his current employer, Vanity Fair, to chat about his guest appearance on The Upper East Side!

"I started recapping the show when I worked at New York Magazine, for their blog Daily Intel," Chris explains. "Jessica Pressler and I watched the first episode because it was so New York–y and did a rundown of what was real and what was fake. It was actually pretty fun, so we kept doing it . . . for years. We also did a cover story for the magazine about the show, and hung out on set and with the cast."

Chris might once have been chummy with Gossip Girl's power-players, but he's a mere blip on their radar. "I feel very intertwined with the show, but the cast never remembers me when I run into them," he admits. "Although once, after the magazine story, Leighton Meester (Blair) told me off at a party. She said she didn’t like what we wrote, but that she guessed we have to do what we have to do 'for the money.' I was like, 'Oh, honey.'"

Move over Blake Lively — let's get to what really matters: Lonely Boy and his deep V-necks. "The thing about Penn (Dan) is that he has these eyes," Chris says. They’re like all pupil. And I had to start each scene staring directly into them for, like, five very slow seconds before I said my line. I felt like I was going to drown in them. He must know, because he has very strong eye contact."

Chris describes Penn Badgley as "sort of tuned out," but says he eventually let loose thanks to the beautiful words of one Bethenny Frankel. "Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina) was pretty funny," Chris says. "She got Penn to laugh by doing a dramatic reading of the jacket sleeve of Skinnydipping, the novel by Bethenny Frankel that I actually do have on my real desk."

Sigh, we always suspected that PB was a Real Housewives addict.

Source: Vanity Fair

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10.17.2012 / 09:26 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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